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"The 43"

Opens Friday, October 21, 2016
On display through November 10, 2016
Noyes 2nd Floor Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, October 21, 5:30-7pm

julio cesar.jpg

In memory of the disappearance of the 43 male students who went missing in Iguala Guerrero, Mexico on September 26, 2014, the Noyes Cultural Arts Center Gallery offers an exhibit of 46 mandala-like sculptures by Alfonso "Piloto" Nieves Ruiz. 

Nieves Ruiz is a self-taught artist who uses clay and discarded items as his principal materials. Nieves Ruiz creates community-engaging art projects based on social justice and other issues.


In Iguala, Guerreo, 43 students were turned over to organized crime and were assassinated and burned in the Cocula, Guerrero garbage dump. It is now known that the Mexican authorities were accomplices in the forced disappearance of the 43 students, more than 25 injuries, and the deaths of three students and three other civilians. They were all detained and some were fired on by the municipal police - under orders from Mayor José Luis Abarca - in conjunction with the Federal Police, without the presence of the Mexican Army. 

The skulls [from Nieves Ruiz's artwork] tell us that the indigenous people have been the victims of genocide for more than 500 years. Day after day, human rights are violated. More than 30,000 have disappeared with the Mexican drug war and 14 more are added every day. Unofficial figures put the number executed at more than 150,000. 

The students remind us that we are all responsible - in some way - for what happens around us. We are all connected in one way or another, because we are part of the Earth, the universe, everything.

 Image: Julio Cesar Mondragón. Mixed media. 24"x 24"x 6"



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