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Council Actions on 11/23/09

Posted by Wally Bobkiewicz on Nov 23, 2009 at 11:15 PM

1.  The Administration and Public Works Committee kept the issue of changes to sanitation services in committee and will continue its discussion of topic as part of the special City Council meeting scheduled for December 7.

2.  With the addition of the sanitation services discussion to the December 7 meeting, the City Council moved the previously planned discussion on affordable housing to a special meeting on January 13, 2010.

3.  Approved changes to registration fees on vacant buildings from $200 to $400 a year.

4.  Discussed Northwestern University Council goal and directed staff to continue current programs/initiatives with NU, send letter indicating City's interest in participating in NU strategic planning process, encourage NU to further partner with City on economic development issues, work on implementing Central Street plan impacting NU properties, more actively pursue NU interns for City projects, pursue access to continuing education at NU for City employees, develop opportunities for NU scholarships for Evanston students, work on a long term commitment from NU on budget issues, work to tap NU alumni for donations to City and work to designate a specific staff member from the City and NU that Evanston residents can use as specific point of contact on NU issues in each organization.

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