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Newsy Items on Monday and Tuesday City Council/Township Board Meetings

Posted by Wally Bobkiewicz on Nov 26, 2011 at 10:44 AM

Monday is the regular meeting with A&PW and P&D, followed by City Council. Items of interest:

1. Consideration of annual contract for central business district maintenance with Downtown Evanston. The group was very aggressive in soliciting bids for services this year and the City’s portion will be $27,000 less than anticipated.

2. Consideration of agreement with company called 350Green for installation of electric car charging stations at locations previously discussed as well as in our parking garages.

3. Budget resolution, tax levies and ordinances for most of the fee and charges increases. Additional ordinances for remainder of fee and charge increases will be on December 12 agenda.

4. Ordinance authorizing sale of 1817 Church Street building for $1 to the Evanston North Shore Contractors Cooperative. Staff report and ordinances include copies of sales agreement which include reverter clause back to City for six years and covenant that property pay property taxes or in lieu for 30 years.

5. Consideration of adoption of new liquor license for Cinemark Theaters. Staff spoke with senior management of theater chain and received assurances that work will be done to enhance art movie options at theater.

6. Consideration of ordinance that would fix time limits on building permits to reduce unfinished or stalled construction projects.

7. Consideration of amendment to redevelopment agreement for NSP2 between City and Brinshore for development of first phase of Emerson Square project at 1600 Foster Street.

8. Consideration of mayoral-appointed committee to review proposed ordinance for licensing of rental dwelling units.

9. Final action on marijuana ordinance

10. From Economic Development Committee: Approval of $50,000 in matching funds for downtown arts NEA grant and receive final report of Lakefront Committee.

Full Agenda Packet

Tuesday night meeting starts at 7:00 PM. Township meeting first to consider resolution for dissolution of the Township at March 20, 2012 election. City Council follows with consideration of ordinance for referendum for community choice electric aggregation on March 20, 2012 agenda as well as prioritization of City Council goals.

Full Agenda Packet (PDF)

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