TIF Districts

TIF Districts are established in compliance with State of Illinois statutes. The mechanism is designed to assist financially desirable developments that but for the financial assistance would not be able to achieve. The City's TIF Districts have been very successful historically. Annual reports for each TIF District are available through the Economic Development Division of the City Manager's Office.

Evanston has seven active Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts.

They are Southwest (District 2), Howard and Hartrey (District 3), Washington National (District 4), Howard and Ridge (District 5), West Evanston (District 6), Dempster Dodge (District 7), and Chicago Main (District 8).   The former Downtown (District 1) has been closed.

TIF Information

TIF Overview Map

1.  Downtown TIF  (Map TIF 1)  Closed TIF

2.  Southwest  (Map TIF 2)  (Ordinances)  (Redevelopment  Plan)

3.  Howard and Hartrey  (Map TIF 3)  (Ordinances)  (Redevelopment Plan)

4.  Washington National  (Map TIF 4)  (Ordinances)  (Redevelopment Plan)

5.  Howard and Ridge  (Map TIF 5)  (Ordinances)  (Redevelopment Plan)

6.  West Evanston  (Map TIF 6)  (Ordinances)  (Redevelopment Plan)

7.  Dempster Dodge (Map TIF 7)  (Ordinances)  (Redevelopment Plan)

8.  Chicago Main  (Map TIF 8)  (Ordinances)  (Redevelopment Plan)


TIF Presentation prepared by Northwestern University Kellogg School of Managment students for the City of Evanston on 12/11/2012

Annual Reports  


  FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 FY 2014
Downtown TIF        
Southwest Southwest FY2011.pdf Evanston Southwest 2012.pdf Evanston Southwest 2013.pdf  
Howard and Hartrey Howard Hartrey FY2011.pdf Evanston Howard Hartrey 2012.pdf Evanston Howard Hartrey 2013.pdf  
Washington National Washington National FY2011.pdf Evanston Washington 2012.pdf Washington National 2013.pdf  
Howard and Ridge Howard Ridge FY2011.pdf Evanston Howard Ridge 2012.pdf Howard Ridge 2013.pdf  
West Evanston West Evanston FY 2011.pdf West Evanston FY 2012.pdf West Evanston 2013.pdf  
Dempster Dodge     Dempster Dodge 2013.pdf  
Chicago Main     Chicago Main 2013.pdf  

View archived TIF Annual Reports here.

TIF Resources  

For additional information on Tax Increment Financing, please visit:

Cook County Clerk

Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity

State of Illinois Comptroller

The Illinois Tax Increment Association


Joint Review Board

A Joint Review Board (JRB) is initially established when a new Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) is under consideration and makes a recommendation to the City Council. The JRB is composed of members representing certain taxing districts which are affected by the TIF. The Joint Review Board meets annually to discuss the annual report filed with the State of Illinois on each of the TIF Districts within the city.

In order to learn more about the JRB and view previous meeting agendas and minutes please click on Joint Review Board.

For more information about business and economic development efforts please visit the City of Evanston’s Economic Development website: www.evanstonedge.com

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