Food Delivery Vehicle License

Required by all vehicles used for the storage or transportation of food intended for human consumption, including all vehicles operated in connection with the wholesale distribution of meats, vegetables and all food products.

TERM: Calendar Year.

FEE: $50.00

RENEWABLE: Yes. Invoice mailed by City of Evanston in November.


CONTACT: Ellyn Golden, Environmental Health Licensing Coordinator, (847) 866-2947 or

APPLICATION:  Food Delivery Vehicle License Application

NOTE: Delivery vehicles operated by a retail food store within Evanston are not required to obtain a food delivery vehicle license.

Evanston City Code

  • Title 8 Chapter 4 Section 6(3)(C, D) Prohibited Acts
  • Title 8 Chapter 9 Food Delivery Vehicles
  • Title 10 Motor Vehicles and Traffic