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PURPOSE: The purpose of the Human Relations Commission shall be to foster, encourage and stimulate the improvement of human relations among and between citizens of all races, colors, creeds, national origins, sexes, ages, familial status, marital status, religions, physical/mental disabilities, "sexual orientation" (as defined in Section 5-5-6 of this Code), and economic and educational levels so as to provide all individuals with an equal opportunity to grow, participate and share to the best of their ability in our economic, educational, political, social and judicial systems. (47-O-10) (61-0-97) (70-0-68) (38-0-71) (91-0-78) (47-R-80).

# OF MEMBERS: Nine (9) members appointed by the Mayor.

QUALIFICATIONS: Members must be committed to the purpose and principles that govern the Commission and must be able to implement the Commission's work plan. Members must be an Evanston resident.

TERM: Three (3) year terms. Members may serve no more than two (2) terms.

MEETING DATE: 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center - Room 2402

REPORTS TO: Human Services Committee

Stephanie Murray* 4/10/2018
Mike Bergmann 11/9/2018
Leslie Lane-Palmer    7/14/2017
Kyle Lauterhahn  4/1/2016
Isidro Lucas  4/1/2016
James Puricelli 11/9/2018
Tonya Patterson*  6/17/2016
Sharon Bowie  4/27/2018
Kenneth Rodgers* 7/22/2016

*2nd Term


Kimberly Richardson
Assistant to the City Manager
City of Evanston

  Phone: (847) 448-8029