Paint Evanston Plows Contest

The City of Evanston Streets and Sanitation Division invited District 65 classes to paint murals on the blades of its snow plows for its annual Painting Evanston's Plows (P.E.P) contest.

A few of the City's snow plows will be looking particularly festive in preparation for the coming winter season, thanks to some teachers and students who participated in the 9th Annual Paint Evanston Plows Contest! Students were encouraged to depict school, city, holiday or winter spirit through this year’s theme, “Imagine…Fountain Square.”

Click on images below to view the 2014 submissions.

Lincolnwood Elementary School 

Lincolnwood Elementary School.jpg

Nichols Elementary School

Nicols Middle School.jpg

Haven Middle School

Haven Middle School.jpg

St. Athanasius School

St. Athanasius School.jpg

Kingsley Elementary School

Kingsley Elementary School.jpg

Dawes Elementary School

Dawes Elementary School.jpg

Roycemore School

Roycemore School.jpg

Chute Middle School

Chute Middle School.jpg

DID YOU KNOW? The City annually sends out its snow plow blades to be painted, so the snow will come off the blade easier. P.E.P. helps the City save money, since the City only pays for the paints, and not the artistic labor. The City will add some clear coat on designs so they will last longer to be admired by the community throughout the snow season.