The mission of the Evanston Health Department is to protect, preserve, and promote wellness for people who live, work, and play in Evanston through creative and sustainable partnerships.

Your City of Evanston Public Health Facts

The Evanston Health Department was established by a group of physicians in 1874, when the population of Evanston was around 1,000 people. This took place three years prior to the founding of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

In 1908, the City of Evanston experienced an epidemic of Scarlet Fever, which spread through contaminated milk.

In 1911, the City of Evanston responded to a Typhoid Epidemic with 9 cases. As a result of this outbreak, a water sterilization plant was established.

2014 Evanston Health Summit 

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From Health Department Director Evonda Thomas-Smith

ethomas_web-thumb-240x240-3693.jpgWelcome!  I am pleased to introduce you to the Evanston Health Department, one of only 4 certified municipal health departments in Illinois, and the oldest, having been established in 1874.  The Evanston Health Department is the local face of a global network of professionals who strive to ensure the public's health through ongoing activities to protect residents and assess the needs of the community.

The Evanston Health Department

What is Public Health?

Thanks to The University of Iowa College of Public Health for posting this on YouTube to share.





Health Department

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Director: Evonda Thomas-Smith
Hours:  Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm

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