Children's Dental Clinic

Children's Dental Clinic

Erie Dental Clinic is now in your community!

The Evanston Health Department closed its dental practice on October 12, 2012.  Erie Family Health Center opened a new dental center on October 22, 2012 in the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center.   For dental services please call Erie Family Health Center at (847) 666-3494 to make an appointment.

Erie Health Center will provide residents access to high-quality and low cost services.  In addition to dental care for children, Erie will provide medical and mental health services. The Erie Family Health Center will be temporarily located in the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center 2100 Ridge Ave Evanston IL Ground level.  The dental clinic will remain in the same location.

Erie has been providing health care at locations throughout Chicago for more than 55 years.  They will bring their expertise, award-winning health care practices and bi-lingual providers to the Evanston community.  Specifically, Erie Health Center will provide the following services to more than 5,000 patients per year:

  • Adult/Senior Health Services
  • Children’s Health Services
  • Women’s Health Services
  • Teen Health Services
  • Pediatric Dental Care
  • Behavioral Health/Counseling
  • Prenatal care when the site moves to its larger permanent location in the summer of 2013.  

If you were a patient of the Evanston Dental Clinic your dental records will automatically be transferred to Erie Family Health Center.   However, if you choose to go to a different provider we will work with you to ensure your medical records are transferred to the provider of choice.

It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve you. 

For more information or to register for services, visit or call 847.666.3494.