Evanston Police Arrest Juvenile in Street Robbery & Theft

Posted on Monday Feb 13, 2012

On Sunday, February 12th at approx. 3:30PM, Evanston Police responded to a report of a robbery that occurred in the area of Dempster St. and Elmwood Ave. Police interviewed a 36 year old female Evanston resident who advised she was walking in the 1200 block of Elmwood Ave. with her infant son in a stroller, when a Male/Hispanic subject approached the victim and touched the victim’s buttocks. The victim then pulled out her cell phone to call for help at which time the offender pushed the victim to the ground and then punched the victim in the face. The offender then took the victim’s cell phone and fled the area on foot westbound. The victim sustained a minor injury to her face and declined medical aide.

Subsequent to the robbery investigation, Evanston Police were able to make an arrest in this incident and charge a 16 year old male/Hispanic Evanston resident, after the juvenile offender was arrested for an unrelated theft case and identified by the victim of the robbery later in the day on February 12th .

In the theft investigation involving the same 16 year old juvenile, the juvenile was in the company of an 18 year old companion who had a cell phone in his possession that he reportedly found and was trying to sell back the phone to the owner by placing a call to the owner and setting up a meeting in exchange for cash. The 18 year old then requested the owner show-up and pay $150.00 cash to get his Blackberry returned. The phone’s owner called the police after meeting with the 18 year old offender and two other companions when the situation escalated because of a disagreement of the money demanded by the 18 year old.

Evanston Police detained all three subjects by responding officers to the 2400 Main St. where the meet was established. Charged in the theft incident was the 16 year old juvenile male/Hispanic Evanston resident from the earlier robbery and a subject identified as Christopher Pineda M/H/18 of Chicago. The third subject was a juvenile and released without charges subsequent to the police investigation. The juvenile was referred to juvenile court for both the robbery & theft of lost or mislaid property. No further information can be released regarding the juvenile in either case.

Adult Charged:

Christopher Pineda M/H/18
2106 N. Nagle Ave. Chicago, IL

Theft of Lost or Mislaid Property

Court Information:

March 9, 2012 9:00AM Room 104

2nd Municipal District – Cook County Circuit Court
5600 Old Orchard Road.
Skokie, IL

As a reminder, Evanston Police would like to encourage anyone who becomes the victim of a theft and receives a call from an individual wanting to sell back their property, to please notify police and allow law enforcement officers to attempt in the recovery of the item. This request is made to ensure the safety of the public. The Evanston Police do not want victim’s to become re-victimized and other innocent bystanders potentially becoming secondary victim’s when an agreement cannot be reached.