Residents, Businesses Required to Remove Snow from Sidewalks

Posted on Friday Dec 28, 2012

Residents and businesses are reminded that they must clear snow and ice from the sidewalks adjacent to their respective properties for the safety of their neighbors after a snow or ice event. Seniors and disabled individuals in need of assistance with snow shoveling can participate in the volunteer-based Snow Shoveling Program.

When shoveling a sidewalk, please clear a path that is at least 36 inches wide to allow everyone, including children, people with disabilities and the elderly, to travel freely using the sidewalks instead of the streets. If snow is packed and difficult to remove, it's acceptable to use salt or sand to make them passable. Please be aware of elderly or disabled neighbors who can't shovel their own walks and offer to help them clear snow if you are able.

Snow Shoveling Program for Seniors & Disabled:

The City of Evanston is happy to connect seniors and individuals with disabilities with volunteers who are willing to assist with snow shoveling during the upcoming Winter 2012-13 season. This program was developed three years ago to assist these community members in need. The city encourages Evanston seniors or those with disabilities, who need assistance shoveling sidewalks and driveways, to sign up for this program.

The senior or disabled person can complete the form online here, call the Levy Senior Center at 847/448-8250, e-mail or pick up a form at the Levy Senior Center, 300 Dodge Ave., Evanston. The senior or disabled person or their family member will receive a complete list of available volunteers whom they may contact for scheduling/financial arrangements once the liability wavier is signed either physically or electronically.

If you are able to volunteer to shovel, please fill out the online form located here or call 3-1-1. Your contact information will be given to the resident and the resident is responsible for contacting you directly.