Parts of Asbury Ave. to be Closed for Sewer Work May 28-June 14

Posted on Wednesday May 22, 2013

The rehabilitation of the 72”/60” diameter sewer on Emerson Street, between Ashland Avenue and Ridge Avenue, using the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining process is scheduled for Tuesday, May 28 through Friday, June 14, 2013.

The only feasible location to insert the sewer liner is through a manhole located in the center of the Emerson Street/Asbury Avenue intersection. As a result, Asbury Avenue will be closed to all through traffic between Green Bay Road and Emerson Street as well as between Church Street and Emerson Street. Since the contractor’s work zone will be right in the middle of the intersection, Asbury Avenue, both north and south of Emerson Street, will be a dead end. Traffic on Asbury Avenue will be unable to turn onto Emerson Street or continue through the intersection.

Traffic on Emerson Street, between Ridge Avenue and Wesley Avenue, will be reduced to one lane of traffic in each direction, with both lanes of traffic traveling on the north side of the street. Since there will be no through traffic on Asbury Avenue, the traffic signal at the Emerson/Asbury intersection will be turned off, thereby allowing Emerson Street traffic to continue through the intersection at all times during the construction activities.

Detour Routes
See map below. Traffic traveling south on Green Bay Road and wanting to turn east onto Emerson Street via Asbury Avenue will be detoured to continue traveling south on Green Bay/Ridge Avenue and then east onto Church Street. South bound truck traffic on Green Bay Road wanting to turn east onto Emerson Street will be detoured at Green Bay Road and McCormick Boulevard and routed onto McCormick Boulevard to Emerson Street (Elgin/Golf) where they will turn east onto Emerson Street.

South bound traffic on Green Bay Road wanting to go south on Asbury Avenue will be detoured to continue south on Green Bay Road/Ridge Avenue and then west on Davis Street to Asbury Avenue.

North bound Asbury Avenue traffic will be detoured east at Church Street to Ridge Avenue and then north on Ridge Avenue/Green Bay Road.

The nature of this work requires the contractor to work around the clock, seven day per week while the liner is installed. The liner will be installed in two set ups, from Asbury west to Ashland and then from Asbury east to Ridge.  Each installation set up will take approximately four to five days to complete. 

Work Description
The city has contracted with Insituform Technologies USA, LLC (Insituform) to do the sewer work. Rehabilitation work includes installing a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner inside the existing sewer main. This process generally is less disruptive and the work can be completed much faster than if the sewer were excavated and replaced. 

The resins used in the lining process are not new. They are the same resins used in the fiberglass industry for many years. These resins contain a chemical called styrene that hardens when heated. Although styrene is not a pleasant odor, it is not dangerous at the levels at which people can detect it. If you smell the styrene while the contractor’s personnel are working in your area, do not be alarmed. To help prevent the smell from occurring in your building, pour a gallon of water into each basement floor drain. This keeps the “trap” full and prevents sewer gases from coming into your building. Because the water in the drain trap evaporates, this practice should be done regularly.

This project will be monitored and inspected by the City of Evanston Utilities Department. Please direct any questions to Mr. Mark Steinbuck, Sewer Division Supervisor, 847-448-8219.

Detour Map
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