Newsy Items on Monday City Council Agenda

Posted on Sunday Jun 23, 2013 in City Council

1.  Introduction of ordinance banning assault weapons in Evanston.

2.  Contract for Fireman's Park renovation.

3.  Seven separate actions regarding liquor licenses including changing Class T license (grocery stores) to allow sampling of beverages and increasing amount of craft beer to be produced by licensees to mirror changes in state law.

4.  Ordinance amending conditions for operations of Starbucks at 519 Main Street removing requirement for off duty police officer to be hired to monitor traffic conditions.

5.  Request for three year extension for special use for dormitory at 1620 Central Street - National Louis University.

6.  Ordinance granting special use for bed and breakfast at 1622 Forest Avenue.  Alderman Wynne has asked that action be delayed until July 8, 2013 Council meeting because of her absence from meeting.

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