Davis St. Water Main/Sewer Project Update

Posted on Friday Nov 01, 2013 in construction

Contractors for the City of Evanston have been performing water main and sewer replacement work on Davis Street to replace the existing water main with a new 24" ductile iron pipe. Here’s an update on progress completed and the timeline for future projects.

The new water main and sewer installation, including the services to various buildings, is complete on Davis Street. The asphalt final surface from Ridge to Benson was completed on October 29, 2013 The contractor will be completing the streetscape/sidewalk work on Davis Street the week of November 1, 2013.

Due to dips and fluctuations in temperature, the following work has been deferred until June 2014: installation of the porous concrete parking lane between Benson and Hinman, protected bike lane/delineators and final striping of the roadway. This work will take place after the conclusion of Northwestern University’s spring quarter. The temporary pavement markings will be completed with paint after the final asphalt surface.

The schedule for the remainder of the project is indicated below based on the long-range weather forecast.

Key Project Elements    Location   Target Completion Date
Asphalt final surface Ridge to Benson   10/30/2013
Asphalt grinding Benson to Hinman 11/1/2013
Asphalt binder coarse Benson to Hinman 11/05/2013
Temporary striping Ridge to Benson   11/05/2013
Tree frames & grates Ridge to Benson   11/15/2013
Asphalt final surface Benson to Hinman 11/15/2013
Temporary striping Benson to Hinman 11/15/2013
Porous parking lane Benson to Hinman June 2014
Final striping Ridge to Hinman June 2014
Protected bike lane and delineators Ridge to Hinman June 2014