Update on Automated Water Meter Upgrade Project

Posted on Thursday Nov 07, 2013 in Utilities Department

The City of Evanston Utilities Department is in the process of performing an upgrade to the Automatic Meter Information system that measures a customer’s water usage. All 14,400 water accounts will receive a new Meter Interface Unit (MIU). New MIUs will be connected via wire to the water meter associated with each property. In most cases, the new MIU (see photo at left) will be installed on the exterior of the building and the installer will complete the installation without entering the building.

For this project, the City has been divided into three general areas of work: South, Central and North. For regular outdoor MIU installations, the schedule is as follows:

  • South area over 90% completed
  • Central area under way now; completion expected February 2014
  • North area from March 2014 to June 2014

A map depicting the three regions in the City is at the bottom of this page.

Meters-thumb-275x197-17682.jpgIn some cases, the existing MIU is located inside or a new water meter is needed. These accounts will require work to be performed on the interior of the building and work will be scheduled via appointment. All households that need interior access to complete the installation will be notified via mail, e-mail or door hanger with an 800 phone number to call to arrange an appointment. At no time will an installer ask to come inside a building to do the work without an appointment. The Contractor will work in all areas beginning in August 2014.

The City has contracted with Water Resources Inc., of Elgin, Illinois for this project. All meter and MIU field installation work will be performed by one of two project subcontractors: Water Services Company of Elgin, Illinois or Mobix Corporation of Evanston, Illinois. These companies will provide water meter and MIU installation labor services in tandem with City staff and the general contractor.

For safety reasons, you should not allow an Installer to enter your home without an appointment that has been scheduled in advanced. The City has run background checks on all of the installers in order to help maintain your safety. Should the contractor need inside access in order to install a customer’s new water meter or MIU, you will be contacted via letter, door hanger or e-mail from Water Resources’ Call Center staff.

All installation team members will wear a Water Resources ID badge identifying each installer as a City of Evanston outside contractor. The badge will also identify the installer as a meter or MIU installer. In addition, installers have also been issued a temporary City of Evanston ID which has a bright red background. Customers are urged not to let anyone into their home without a pre-scheduled appointment AND checking for the presence of the City of Evanston ID badge. Should there be any doubt by a water customer about the validity of the installer’s badge or identity; the customer can call Water Resources’ Call Center staff at 1-800-355-7299 or the City’s 311 center at 847-448-4311 to verify the installer’s ID badge and identity. Additionally, names and photographs of approved installers will be available on the City of Evanston website at: www.cityofevanston.org/utilities/automatic-meter-project

This project will be monitored and inspected by the City of Evanston Utilities Department. Please direct any questions to Mr. Kevin Lookis, Water Production Superintendent, by calling 3-1-1 (847-448-4311).

City of Evanston Map for AMR COLOR.jpg

 Click here>> for a full-size map.


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