Residential Parking Permits

There are over 25 different Residential Parking Districts established in areas where there is high demand for on-street parking.

The 2017 renewal period ends on 12/31/2016


Typically you will see parking signs at the beginning and end of each block in a residential district. These signs will indicate which permit area you are in. For more information please contact Evanston 311 or the Collector's Office to verify if you live in a residential permit area.


Vehicles must display a current residential parking district permit for the specific area in order to be exempt from certain posted regulations. Only residents who live within a specific residential area can purchase residential parking permits. Residents must also pay their Evanston Wheel Tax if their vehicle is registered to the City of Evanston through the Illinois Secretary of State. In order to purchase Residential Parking Permits, residents must provide the following:

  • Proof of current residence in the parking district. Proof of residence include one of the following. 1) Valid Illinois ID with Current Evanston address. 2) Current signed Lease (by both tenants and Landlord) or 3) Current Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, Cable, and Water only) that is less than 30 days old.
  • Purchase/proof of payment of annual Wheel tax.
  • The current State Vehicle Registration is required to identify where the vehicle is legally registered.
  • Payment of all unresolved parking tickets.

One-day parking passes are available for vehicles belonging to friends and guests. Proof of residence within the district is required each time parking passes are purchased. Residents, not the visitors, must purchase the parking passes.

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Combination Wheel Tax and Residential Permit

If you have any questions please contact Evanston 311 or check out the parking FAQ .

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EVS District Residential Parking Permit Requirements

Vehicle Registration Status Required Purchase
Vehicle Registered to Evanston Address Wheel Tax
Vehicle Not Registered to Evanston Address Residential Parking Permit