Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas

Evanston City Council adopted the Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas Plan on January 11, 2010. HUD encourages Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas (NRSAs) in its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to encourage coordination of resources and to concentrate those resources in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. NRSAs may be submitted as part of a Consolidated Plan, but require separate approval from HUD.

The Plan targets low-income residential neighborhoods in southeast and west Evanston and identifies two specific areas as NRSAs. These neighborhoods include the areas in which the City’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 housing grant is focused.

The Plan outlines a number of priorities, each addressing one of the CDBG national objectives—Decent Housing, Suitable Living Environment & Economic Opportunity, and provides benefits in the form of regulatory flexibilities for public service, economic development and housing programs that operate within the NRSAs.

NRSAs Plan


NRSAs Pamphlet

NRSAs Priorities

Contact Person:

Sarah Flax                        
Housing & Grants Coordinator