Rules Committee


The purpose of the Plan Commission is to make recommendations to the Planning and Development Committee on planned development proposals, Zoning Ordinance Text and Map Amendments and to formulate basic policies for a Comprehensive Plan, initiate studies concerning present and future development and redevelopment of the City, prepare recommendations for the annual revision of the Capital Improvement Program, and prepare an annual report on the adequacy of the Comprehensive Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, and the Capital Improvement Plan as instruments of long-term development policy (77-0-62; 13-0-77). The Plan Commission is comprised of nine voting members appointed by Mayor and non-voting associate members appointed by Plan Commission.  All members are Evanston residents. 

Article VII of the current rules states that the Plan Commission may establish committees and subcommittees as it deems appropriate, and each member and associate member shall, at a minimum, serve on one committee per year.  The Zoning Committee and Comprehensive Plan Committee are current standing committees of the Plan Commission.  Historically, the Plan Commission also has formed ad hoc committees comprised of Plan Commission members that meet on an as-needed basis.  Currently, the Rules Committee is an ad hoc committee with the purpose of reviewing the Plan Commission rules. 


Plan Commission Rules (Adopted 11/11/09)

April 1, 2008 Meeting Minutes

May 22, 2008 Meeting Minutes


Damir Latinovic

Neighborhood and Land Use Planner