Police Social Services

The Mission of Evanston Police Social Services is to Assist & Enhance Police Interventions for the Support of Crime Victims and Witnesses, Families Experiencing Youth-Related Crises and the Betterment of Youth Offenders

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Victim Services & Youth Services Brochure 2015



Victim Services

Victim Services provides social services to crime victims and witnesses and to residents seeking social service assistance in non-crime situations. 
Additionally services provided include:

  • Crisis Intervention Counseling, Information and Resources for Crime Victims and Witnesses
  • Medical Advocacy for Sexual Assaults, Domestic Violence and Physical Abuse cases.
  • Referrals or Assistance in obtaining Orders of Protection
  • Court Advocacy to assist victims and witnesses through the criminal justice system, including status on court dates and meetings with State’s Attorney
  •  Assist Domestic Violence Victims with Warning Signs of Domestic Violence, Safety Planning and provide Shelter Referrals.
  •  Assist eligible Victims with filing for Monetary Reimbursement under the Illinois Crime Victims Compensation Act
  • Personal Advocacy such as interceding with employers so that Victims and Witnesses may attend court and intervening with medical billing issues related to injuries sustained during crime
  • Legal Resources and Referrals regarding Domestic Violence & Custody Issues

Youth Services

Youth Services provides Family Support and Intervention Services for Youth-Related Crisis and Youth Offenders.

Additional Services:

  • Follow Up with Parents and Families on incidents of non-criminal Youth-Related Incidents that come to the attention of the Police Department.
  • Community Service Program provides youth with an alternative-to-court police response and includes Community Service Work, Family Meeting and Assessment resulting in a Plan to Prevent Recurrence.
  • Restorative Justice Services: Victim-Offender Conferencing provides Youth Offenders opportunities to be accountable to victims and the community. Victim-Offender Conferencing includes a Family Meeting and Youth Assessment in order to develop a Plan to Prevent Recurrence.
  • Peace Circles provide a safe process for mediation and resolution of youth peer, family and community conflicts.
  • Coordination of Services with Schools, Community Agencies and Court Systems.