Evanston Animal Shelter & Animal Control

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As a part of the Field Operations Division of the police department,  the Animal Warden handles requests and complaints from citizens dealing with domestic and wild animals, including birds and reptiles. It also counsels citizens on animal control problems and issues citations for violations of animal control ordinances. In addition, it apprehends and impounds stray animals and handles adoption of unwanted dogs and cats at the Evanston Animal Shelter. Visit the new Animal Shelter website by clicking here.

Trapping wildlife in Evanston

Most of the time Evanston residents and wildlife are able to cohabitate very nicely together. However, sometimes wildlife can become a problem to residents. If this happens, Evanston residents need to be aware that State Law requires a permit for each animal trapped. Trapping wildlife with their own trap without a permit is illegal and breaks State Law.

Evanston residents who are having problems with wildlife can rent traps from the City of Evanston and be covered with the State of Illinois under the City’s permit. 

Homeowners must place traps ONLY on their properties and check them daily. Homeowners must contact the Aminal Warden after an animal is captured, and the Animal Warden will remove the trap for a $50 fee.

Residents may contact the Animal Warden at (847) 866-5080 to borrow a trap for problem wildlife. The traps are available for rental and return Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-12 p.m. at the Evanston Animal Shelter. The Animal Warden does not work on all City Holidays.


Animal Requests.jpgReport animal inquiries and concerns
(Including issues with bats, bees, birds, dead animals, insects, mosquitoes and rodents.)

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