Evanston Police Department Annual Reports

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2013 vs. 2012

2012 vs. 2011

In 2013, the Evanston Police Department saw a crime reduction of over 9 percent.  Additionally, the most dramatic drop in crime was in the categories of Aggravated Battery & Aggravated Assault which were reduced by 20 percent along with Robberies.  The crime of Burglary was also reduced by 15 percent for 2013.  These significant crime reductions are attributed to policing smarter and the use fo deploying resources in a more timely and accurate fashion.  Improvements in communication with the public through personal contact, foot patrols, and the enhanced use of social media are all contubuting factors for improving quality of life in Evanston which ultimately impacts crime. 

policetahoe.JPGThe Evanston Police Department is continually committed to allocating proper resources to address crime issues, resolving quality of life issues in neighborhoods and making Evanston a safer place for all who reside and visit this north shore community. This strategy is implemented by the department conducting weekly deployment meetings with command staff members to address and analyze reported crime for the week, neighborhood issues, and intelligence provided by officers and detectives in identifying criminals.

Community policing is a large component of the Evanston Police Department’s philosophy on crime reduction.  The police department’s community strategies bureau and it’s officers, work closely with aldermen, city department’s and other agencies involved in enhancing the community’s atmosphere to address chronic issues with poorly managed buildings and residences that cultivate criminal activity.