Traffic Bureau

Traffic Bureau

As part of the Division of Strategic Services, the Traffic Bureau enforces traffic laws and ordinances and regulates the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This Bureau manages and performs the follow-up investigation of most hit and run accidents and administers the tow ordinance. This Bureau also handles the towing of abandoned and junk vehicles.

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Traffic Bureau Recieves Award

Evanston Police Department's Traffic Bureau Received National & State Awards for Traffic Safety and Enforcement Initiatives.

Bureau Overview

There are seven officers assigned to the Traffic Bureau. The unit is supervised by a sergeant and there is a civilian employee assigned to the unit. Duties are conducted through the use of both cars and motorcycles.

The Traffic Bureau conducts enforcement throughout the year in an effort to reduce crashes and make Evanston a safer community to live and drive in.

Many of the traffic officers have had additional training and are certified in:

  • Drug Recognition Expert – additional training for dealing with persons impaired by drugs.
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Specialist – enforcement of the state adopted Federal Motor Carrier Regulation; inspection of commercial vehicles for safety and weight violations.
  • Child Passenger Safety Technician – assistance to citizens for proper installation of child restraint seats.
  • Collision Reconstruction: The Evanston Police Department Reconstruction Team is designated to investigate and determine what occurred during a collision sequence, in fatal and serious collisions. The Team consists of two reconstructionists, drug recognition experts, photographers, and other specially trained officers. The team uses GPS based surveying equipment in evidence collection and scene diagramming. The reconstructionists have hundreds of hours of training relating to physics, mathematics, and collision investigation.