Refuse Collection

Refuse Collection

The City assesses a sanitation service charge for the solid waste services it provides to residents based on the quantity of refuse generated:

Amount of Refuse Monthly Fee
One City issued 65 gallon wheeled refuse cart $7.95 per month per dwelling unit
One City issued 95 gallon wheeled refuse cart plus one thirty (30) gallon or less trash bag $17.95 per month per dwelling unit
Any additional wheeled refuse cart of any size. $7.95 per month per dwelling unit


Fees are based on largest wheeled cart present. Call 311 or 847.448.4311 if you are interested in downsizing to a smaller cart.


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General trash requests

Streets and Sanitation requests 
(Requests include ordorous complaints, overflowing refuse carts, recycling, special pick ups and more.) 



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Residents with the 65 gallon cart are not permitted to have excess refuse. If refuse exceeds the 65 gallon capacity, the City reserves the right to upgrade the resident to the larger cart.

All reoccurring charges will be assessed on your bi-monthly water bill. Specific details of the new fee structure are outlined in the Sanitation Ordinance 11-O-10.

Refuse collection is provided weekly for one-to-four unit residences. Below are some general “rules of thumb” to keep in mind for quick, weekly pick-ups that keep our environment safe.

  1. Yard waste and household waste cannot be mixed. The Sanitation Division will not collect either until separated.
  2. Containers other than those issued by the City will not be handled by Sanitation Crews.
  3. No construction materials will be picked up. Contractors are responsible for disposing of this material from your property. Failure to dispose of these building materials will result in a citation. If Sanitation must ultimately remove the materials, a bill for services rendered will be sent.
  4. Garbage must be placed on the curb or alley line by 7 a.m.; it will not be collected from private property.
  5. Due to landfill policies, the Sanitation Division must abide by the following rules:
    · We do not accept car parts (for tires, call for a special free pick-up).
    · No hazardous material: gas, oil, asbestos, medical waste, etc.
  6. All refuse must be bagged, contained or bundled to prevent blowing or scattering.
  7. Sanitation provides one functional refuse cart at no charge. Sanitation will provide additional refuse carts for $75 each. To order an additional cart, fill out the Refuse Cart order form.

Trash Pick-up Days


Bulk Wood Policy

Bulk wood is no longer a regular pick-up service. Bulk wood is tree branches and tree stumps, larger than three inches in diameter.

Residents must seek another means of disposal. If Sanitation must ultimately take responsibility for the removal of the wood, community members will be charged for services rendered.

The Orange Sticker

You may see an orange sticker on materials you have placed in your regular pick-up spot. Please take a minute to read the sticker and abide by the rules which are explained on it. Sanitations workers have been instructed to sticker materials that do not meet certain standards for pick-ups. Compliance is necessary to avoid being cited for violation. If you have any questions after seeing a sticker on your material, call 311 or 847.448.4311.

Special Pick-ups

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Note: Starting Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Special Pick Up fees will increase to $60 for the first (3) three cubic yards of refuse, and $10 for each additional (1) one cubic yard.


The City of Evanston charges a fee for special pick-ups which are defined as refuse exceeding the capacity of your garbage cart plus one additional bag.

For special pick-ups, a fee of $25 is charged for the first three cubic yards of refuse. For each additional three cubic yards of refuse, a fee of $10 will be charged. The charge will be placed on your water bill for payment at a later date.

“Specials” are required after a move-out or move-in, a major clean-up effort, or if you have a large piece of furniture of which you want to dispose.

Please call the Streets and Sanitation, 311 847.448.4311, within 48 hours to request a special pick-up. After 48 hours, sanitation crews will perform the special pickup and a fee will be assessed.

Remember that the City is not equipped to and does not pick up construction debris. A private disposal firm is needed for this material.

Send a request here

Remember, community members found to be in violation of any City of Evanston Sanitation Ordinances are subject to fines of $25-$500 for each day.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact the Evanston Sanitation Division, 311 or 847.448.4311.


Holiday Tree Pick-up Schedule

City crews will pick up holiday trees Dec. 27, 2016 through Jan. 27, 2017.


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