CUB Energy Project

CUB Energy Saver gives you free online tools to put energy saving ideas into practice and get rewarded for making smarter decisions.

CUB Energy Project


In 2010, the City of Evanston initiated a new energy efficiency program called the CUB Energy Project. Collaborating with the Citizens Utility Board, the program uses a free online portal to provide monthly energy data tracking for residents through their ComEd accounts. Personalized data is paired with suggestions for increasing energy efficiency such as switching to CFL light bulbs and upgrading inefficient appliances. Points are allocated to users who follow the tips and decrease their household energy usage from month to month, and can be cashed in at favorite local and national restaurants and shops. Sign up for the free energy and money saving service at


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1 Year, 1000 Member Sign Up Challenge

In an ongoing effort to reduce citywide greenhouse gas emissions, the City of Evanston has declared a goal to sign up 1,000 more residents to CUB Energy Savers over the next year. By the end of Summer 2013, the City hopes to drastically reduce our collective carbon footprint through the engagement of more than 2,000 total residents through the money and energy saving program. Check out our progress in the graphic above!


Get Involved

All you need to sign up is a ComEd account which you can link to your CUB account. Clicking here will take you the signup page, and once you are done signing up, you will be able to see the direct impact of your efforts to reduce energy use in your home and help contribute to Evanston's goal of reducing overall energy use by 5 percent.


Big 7 Saver Challenge 

NorthShore University HealthSystem and Evanston Township High School were declared winners of the “Big 7 Savers Challenge” after a year of competition ended in March 2012.

For an entire year, Evanston residents and the city’s biggest seven employers participated in an energy saving competition called the “Big 7 Savers Challenge.” More than 1700 residents signed up with one of the seven employers to contribute their energy savings to the team score. The Big 7 are Evanston Township High School employees, NorthShore University HealthSystem, City of Evanston employees, Rotary Energy EconoMisers, St. Francis Hospital, Northwestern University Employees and School District 65 employees. At the end of a year, two teams were recognized as winners: one for recruiting the most team members and another for greatest collective energy saving. They were recognized at a winners’ ceremony in April 2012.

NorthShore University HealthSystem recruited 820 families to join CUB Energy Saver, cutting electric bills by 135,037 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and $18,230. Thirty-eight percent of NorthShore’s workforce participated, topping all other competitors.

ETHS had the largest per-person savings, cutting electric bills by an average of 3.15 percent, for a total savings of $2,425 and 17,967 kWh. Overall, families in the competition cut energy usage by a total of $39,486.92 and 292,495 kWh. That’s enough energy to equal about 30 years of electric bills for the average Illinois home, or to power about 740 refrigerators for a year, according to federal statistics.

One member of each team was also randomly selected to win a year of free electricity, up to $1,800. Amber Knopp won from the NorthShore team and Mary Spoden won from the ETHS team.

Overall, the contest cut carbon dioxide pollution by 476,767 pounds—comparable to taking 42 gas-guzzling cars off the road for a year.

Though the Big 7 Savers Challenge has ended, residents can still join a Big 7 team and save hundreds of dollars per year while reducing carbon output through the CUB Energy Savers Program. Sing up for free at


Final Big 7 Savers Challenge Scores:


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