Food Cycle

Food Cycle

The difficulty of sustainable living is that Evanston residents are often dealing with resources that are easily acquired, leading you to rarely think about where things come from, and food is no exception. You rarely have to think about where you are going to get your food and how it got there in the first place.

However, one aspect of a sustainable community is to make sure that there is an understanding of how that community produces, consumes, and disposes of its food. Evanston has outlined the following three sections to help you understand the issues and all of your options.

Special Projects

ONOE Logo.jpg

One Seed One Evanston was a program aimed at promoting locally-grown food, healthy eating habits, and gardening, all while increasing involvement throughout the Evanston community.  Through One Seed One Evanston, residents were able to pick up free packages of Swiss chard seeds from locations around the city. Read more.

Three Areas of Focus

Food Production - Many people do not think about how much energy and time goes into producing the food that they consume on a daily basis, but this section will give you a basic understanding of the process and what Evanston is doing to make it a greener experience.

Food Consumption - There are certain foods that you should avoid because they are unsustainable. This section will outline the basic reasons why certain products are unsustainable and what the alternative products are available.

Food Waste - No matter how carefully you follow the production and consumption of your food, there will always be a certain level of food waste that needs disposal. This section outlines your options beyond just throwing the waste away in a garbage can.


CMAP Food Plan - The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning has introduced GO TO 2040, a comprehensive regional plan for Metropolitan Chicago. Their food plan contains an excellent source of information on all the options you can pursue towards having a more sustainable food system.

Sustainable Table - Sustainable Table does an excellent job outlining all the issues revolving around the food cycle.

CMAP Video