Biking is one of the most environmentally and personally healthy ways to move around Evanston.



Bike Safety


Sheridan Road Improvement Project

Sheridan Road Improvement Project (PDF version)

Bike Maps

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Bike Community

Evanston provides many different bike routes and lanes in an effort to make biking around the city as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Stemming from the bike-friendly atmosphere that Evanston provides, the Evanston Bike Club has existed for more than 25 years with multiple riding events each year!

Evanston Bike Share

In an effort to enhance our bike community, Evanston is looking to expand the Chicago Divvy program to Evanston! Read more about this on our Evanston Bike Share page!

Bike Security

Evanston understands the pride that goes into owning and maintaining a bike, which has led to the city providing multiple bike racks conveniently located throughout the city to make sure that you are able to lock up your bicycle to prevent theft.

Bicycle Improvement Plan

2007 Citywide Bike Plan Implementation Project

The City of Evanston, through a multi-departmental effort, has developed a plan to improve conditions for bicycling within the City. Evanston is already a bicycling city. With several colleges and universities and 43 percent of Evanston-based workers also living in Evanston, the nature and length of trips are very conducive to cycling.

In 2001, the City hired the Evanston-based bicycle and pedestrian planning firm Suzan A. Pinsof and Associates to lead a team of consultants that included T.Y. Lin International and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation to prepare a Bicycle System Improvement Plan. The planning process assessed local conditions and needs through an examination of use and crash data, as well as extensive public outreach.

A proposed implementation program and appropriate policy initiatives were then developed. The program identifies short and longer-term improvements and specifies facility type, costs and funding options. The following documents were produced during the bike planning process:

For further information regarding the Evanston Bicycle Plan, please contact