Consuming excessive amounts of single-use items such as paper and plastic products is a bad habit that you should change. This is because even though there are options for recycling these products, it is still an energy intensive process that takes a toll on the environment. With that said, you still may need to dispose of some products even after you have taken steps to reduce your consumption and reuse your items. This is where Evanston's options for recycling come into play.

City Resources

Multifamily Recycling Pilot Program - Information on how to get your building to offer recycling and strategies for working with your property manager.

Evanston's Recycling Drop-Off Options - Check here for collection sites for your items that are not covered in curbside pickup.

Small Electronics Recycling - The City of Evanston provides recycling locations and information for those looking to responsibly dispose of their old electronics.

Fluorescent Lights Recycling - Fluorescent lights are a great solution to reducing your energy bill, but even compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury making it very important to dispose of these lights properly at the end of their life.

Evanston's Recycling Guide - A comprehensive guide of what is and isn't recyclable.

Evanston's Curbside Quick Reference - Quick review of what acceptable recyclable materials.

External Resources

SWANCC - The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County provides information on waste collection and recycling options.

Earth911 - Earth911 offers easily obtainable information on recycling information.

Groot - Groot is Evanston's commercial waste hauler and the organization you should call if you are a multifamily home or business that wishes to start recycling service at your location.