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2018 Fire Hydrant Painting Schedule Announced

Post Date:06/29/2018 10:10 AM

Fire hydrant paintingThe City of Evanston will be painting fire hydrants within the far northwest area of the city between July 9 and September 13, weather permitting. However, hydrants in the area that are less than five years old or privately owned will not be repainted. The painting contract area is bounded by Simpson Street on the south, Walnut  and McDaniel  Avenues on the east, and the city boundaries on the north and west. Five additional hydrants in east Evanston will be painted.

Work will take place over several days at each hydrant location. First, the contractor will sandblast to remove the old layers of paint. A layer of primer will be applied shortly afterward, followed by two finish coats of paint. Each coat of primer and paint is a different color to make it easier for the contractor to ensure good paint coverage and for the City to monitor the contractor’s progress. Only the final surface coat will be red.

It is necessary for the contractor to have clear access to hydrants. Residents should remove any shrubs, plantings or decorations around a fire hydrant that they wish to preserve. City Code requires property owners to apply for a permit prior to planting shrubs in the parkway. Those who have received such a permit for plantings that are within five feet of a fire hydrant should contact Deborah Cueva (see below) for further coordination.

The primary purpose of fire hydrants is to provide a ready supply of water in the event of a fire. Hydrants should never be blocked, hidden, or decorated in any way by plantings or other features, as this jeopardizes the ability of the Evanston Fire Department to quickly access hydrants during an emergency.

The contractor hired by the City to perform this work is Best Quality Builder of Illinois. This project will be monitored by the City’s Public Works Agency. Questions or concerns should be directed to Deborah Cueva, Civil Engineer, at 847-448-8280 or

2018 fire hydrant painting mapClick image to enlarge



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