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Second Installment Property Tax Bills Due August 1

Post Date:07/10/2018 11:45 AM
The City of Evanston's Property Tax Assessment Review Office reminds residents that second installment property tax bills for tax year 2017 are due on Wednesday, August 1, 2018. Property tax bills were mailed out on June 29 by the Cook County Treasurer's office.

The first installment property tax bill due in March was an estimate based on last year's tax bill, and did not reflect 2015 exemptions or appeals. Second installment property tax bills reflect both exemptions and appeals in order to arrive at a total amount due for tax year 2015. The amount due on the second installment tax bill equals the total tax due for the year less the payment made for the first installment.

Evanston residents are encouraged to call the City's Property Tax Assessment Review Office at 847-448-8168 with any questions or concerns.

Details about paying taxes
If money for property taxes is paid into an escrow account with a taxpayer's mortgage company, the financial institution should receive the tax bill electronically, even if the taxpayer also receives a copy of the bill. Taxpayers with property tax escrows held by their mortgage companies are advised not to pay property taxes on their own. If they do, an overpayment of property taxes may result.

Property owners who do not have mortgage companies paying their taxes can make tax payments in person, by mail, or online at the Cook County Treasurer's website, In-person payments are accepted at the Cook County Treasurer's downtown Chicago office at 118 N. Clark St., and at any Chase Bank in the Chicagoland area.

Can I do anything to reduce my current tax bill?
If you are eligible for a homeowner, senior citizen or other tax exemption but did not receive one, the Property Tax Assessment Review Office can assist you in obtaining a revised bill for a smaller amount. Alternately, you can go directly to the Cook County Assessor's Office (there is a branch office located at the Skokie Courthouse) and you will receive an adjusted bill on site. If you have received all exemptions for which you are eligible, you likely will not be able to do anything about your current bill.

Can I do anything to reduce future tax bills?

Later this year during the month of August, the Cook County Board of Review will be accepting appeals from Evanston residents for tax year 2018 which is payable next year in 2019. When appeal dates are announced, residents may call the City’s Property Tax Assessment Review Office for help in preparing an appeal.

Does the Treasurer’s Office accept partial payments?
Yes. You can make multiple payments as your budget allows. However, the law requires that unpaid balances be charged interest of 1.5 percent per month after the August 1 due date.

The City’s Property Tax Assessment Review Office acts as a taxpayer advocate for Evanston residents. The Office does not assess property, but answers residents’ questions and aids in exemption and appeal applications. Property assessment is done by the Cook County Assessor’s Office for all of Cook County.

Residents with questions about their property tax bills or exemptions should call Mitzi Gibbs, Tax Assessment Reviewer, at 847-448-8168.

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