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Options for Economic Impact Payments

Post Date:04/14/2020 11:31 AM

20-412_check-500x281As the federal government begins issuing stimulus payments, the City of Evanston's Economic Development Division is encouraging residents to establish a relationship with a bank or credit union in order to avoid the steep fees charged by check cashing and payday loan businesses. Residents will also receive their federal stimulus check faster if they have a direct deposit account at a bank or credit union.  

Residents can find out if they are eligible for an Economic Impact Payment on the IRS website. There are two options for receiving federal stimulus funds:

Option 1 - Direct Deposit

  1. Open an account at a local credit union or bank 
  2. On Friday, April 17, enter your new direct deposit account number here: Economic Impact Payments
  3. Receive stimulus payment faster (direct deposits are already occurring)

Option 2 - Physical Check

  1. Wait for a paper check to arrive in the mail (undetermined amount of time)
  2. Take the check and required identification sources (see table below) to Byline Bank.  As a courtesy, Byline is not charging fees for non-customers to cash these checks. 

If you don't already have one, now is an excellent time to set up an account.

First Northern Credit Union

Any prospective members can complete their First Northern Credit Union membership application online or at the Evanston location at 1705 Sherman Ave. Contact David Tognarelli at 312-429-6421 or or Yadi Vargas at 847-332-0240 ext 298 or

Learn about financial security and wellness through the City’s partnership with First Northern Credit Union.

Evanston Community Bank - Wintrust 

Open an account at Evanton Community Bank.

Byline Bank

Byline Bank is allowing non-customers to cash their stimulus checks for free. Details include:

  • No fee for cashing stimulus checks
  • Two forms of personal identification is required from the payee(s) cashing the stimulus check (see list of accepted IDs below)
  • Checks can be cashed in person at any Byline Bank branch currently offering lobby or walk-up services. The Evanston branches currently offering lobby or walk-up services are located at 820 Church St. and 824 Emerson St.
  • Checks will not be cashed to non-customers via drive-up
  • Byline Bank locations offering lobby services are currently “by appointment only,” but there will not be an appointment required to cash stimulus checks
  • The payee of the check must be physically present for the check to be cashed
  • If the check is made payable to more than one party, all parties must be present for the check to be cashed

Two forms of identification are required from the payee(s) of the check.  Either one Primary and one Secondary ID or two Primary IDs will be accepted.

Primary Secondary

Illinois or Indiana Driver’s License (DL),Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or State ID

Social Security Card
Out of state DL, CDL, or State ID Major utility/cell phone bill dated within the last 90 days
U.S. Passport ITIN Authorization Letter
Non U.S. Passport ITIN Card
International Visa Voters Registration Card
Military ID U.S. Passport Card
Consular Identification Card for Mexico (Matricula), Guatemala or Ecuador with additional proof Insurance Card
Panama ID/DL Firearm Owner's ID Card
Permanent Resident Card with Social Security Number Illinois or Indiana Driver's License (DL), Commercial Driver's License (CDL) or State ID

Resident Alien Card with Social Security Number

Current Work/School ID
Mexico Voting ID Card Credit Card
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