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Evanston has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, climate action and livability. Since 2006 with the signing onto the US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement, Evanston has achieved a 4-STAR Community Rating, been named WWF’s 2015 U.S. Earth Hour Capital, signed onto the Global Covenant of Mayors, served as a founding member of the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda (MNCAA) and is on track to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2005 levels.

Opportunities and Internship Program

The Office of Sustainability has one position open. This position is open to students that are eligible for Federal Work-Study through either Northwestern University of Loyola University. Please email application materials, as indicated in the job description, to 


Energy Operations Analyst (Due January 21st, 2018)

Programs and Services

Learn more about the most significant programs, projects and services offered by the City relating to sustainability. Sign up for the Sustainability newsletter for occasional email updates.

City Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP)

In 2018, the Evanston City Council formally adopted the Climate Action and Resilience Plan (CARP) which, among other things, establishes a community carbon neutrality goal, a zero waste goal and a 100% renewable electricity goal. The full plan can be found below. Information about the planning process, implementation and next steps can be found at our Climate Change in Evanston page.

Climate Action and Resilience Plan (pdf)