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Evanston has a longstanding commitment to sustainability, climate action and livability. Since 2006 with the signing onto the US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement Evanston has achieved a 4-STAR Community Rating, been named WWF’s 2015 U.S. Earth Hour Capital, signed onto the Global Covenant of Mayors, served as a founding member of the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda (MNCAA) and is on track to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 20% of 2005 levels.

Programs and Services

Learn more about the most significant programs, projects and services offered by the City relating to sustainability.

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There are a variety of different ways to keep up to date with sustainability related activities in Evanston. Please see below for a few specific ways to keep up to date.

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    • Greenbuzz is a blog maintained by the City of Evanston that features a directory of sustainability organizations in Evanston, a community calendar of sustainability events, news stories about sustainability in Evanston and more.
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Evanston Climate Action Timeline

 2006 US Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement
 2007 GHG emission inventory revealing a need for 13% reduction in emissions by 2012
 2008 Evanston Climate Action Plan (ECAP) unanimously accepted by City Council
 2009 Year One Evanston Climate Action Plan Update
 2010 Update of Community GHG Emissions Inventory
 2012 Evanston Climate Action Plan Update 2012
Four-year ECAP Update Report
Evanston Livability Plan, updated goal and framework for climate action work, 20% reduction by 2016
 2015 Annual Report
 2016 Global Compact of Mayors