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Community Choice Electricity Aggregation

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Community Choice Electricity Aggregation (CCA) allows local governments the option to bundle together residential and small commercial retail electric accounts and seek proposals for a potentially cleaner, cheaper source of power.

City Selects Dynegy Energy Services to Provide Participating Residents with 100 Percent Renewable Energy

The City of Evanston has partnered with Dynegy Energy for its electricity aggregation program, providing participating residents and small businesses with 100 percent renewable energy. The Evanston City Council approved a three-year contract with Dynegy on June 12, 2017. In May, 2020 the City Council signed a 10-month extension with Dynegy Energy for with the electric supply price of $0.0657 per kilowatt-hour. This is a price reduction from the original contract supply price of $0.07132 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The new price will be start in September, 2020 and expire June, 2021.  The original agreement was from August 2017 through July 2020. General information about the Dynegy Energy service can be found by visiting the Dynegy website or by calling Dynegy Customer Care at 844-351-7691 .

ComEd's Price to Compare

For those interested in what ComEd's rate is and will be and how it compares to the rate agreed upon between the City and its selected alternative supplier, Dynegy, information is provided below and as well as on the Plug In Illinois webpage which is maintained by the  Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

The price to compare that ComEd files with the ICC periodically is the comparison rate to the City's negotiated rate with Dynegy. The price to compare is the Electricity Supply Charge + the Transmission Services Charge (see sample ComEd bill). Both of these charges change over time and below we have included ComEd's price to compare:

 Rate Type  Time Period Total Rate
 ComEd's Price to Compare June 2020 - September 2020  $0.06473
 ComEd's Price to Compare (estimate) October 2020 - May 2021  $0.07133 
 Dynegy Energy Services Rate (original agreement)  August 2017 - July 2020  $0.07132
 Dynegy Energy Services Rate (extension) August 2020 - June 2021  $0.06570 


Additional information related to ComEd's price to compare can be found by reviewing the report they submitted with the ICC, here, or by visiting the  Plug In Illinois webpage.

Electricity Aggregation Frequently Asked Questions

The Illinois Commerce Commission maintains a Plug In Illinois webpage that provides additional information on municipal electricity aggregation and ComEd’s price to compare.

What is Community Choice Electricity Aggregation (CCA)?

In Evanston, CCA is an opt-out program that allows local governments the option to bundle together, or aggregate, residential and small commercial retail electric accounts and seek proposals for a cleaner, and possibly cheaper, source of power. Currently, ComEd purchases electricity on behalf of their customers who have not selected another supplier and passes those energy supply costs onto the customers. By bundling residential and small commercial accounts, municipalities may be able to obtain savings by purchasing energy supply from the open market. The electricity is still delivered by ComEd, which remains responsible for customer service, such as billing and outage response.

Why does Evanston have an aggregation program?

Municipal aggregation allows the City to negotiate a long-term fixed rate for electricity for residential and small commercial customers in Evanston as well as determine the electricity source. Aggregation provides price stability and certainty for participants as well as allows the City to make progress on its commitment to climate action by sourcing electricity from 100 percent renewable sources through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

The following eligibility requirements apply to the program:

  • Customers must have not opted out of the Program
  • Customers must not be supplied generation service from another supplier
  • Commercial customers must have a Peak Demand of <= 100Kw
  • Residential customers must live within the City limits
  • Customer must not be an "hourly rate" ComEd customer
  • Customers must not be on ComEd's residential electric heat rate
  • Customers must not be on ComEd's "bundled hold"

I received a letter from Dynegy Energy Services and the City. What does it mean?

Dynegy Energy Services is required by law to send “opt out” notices to all eligible participants to notify them of the new agreement terms and to provide them with the option to “opt out” before the the new rate becomes effective on August 1, 2017. In addition, after August 1, 2017, Dynegy will send out “opt out” notices to new residents in Evanston to allow them to opt out prior to being enrolled in the program. New Evanston residents will be enrolled in the program at the same rates as other participants if they take no action after receiving their opt out notice from Dynegy Energy. Click to view the Dynegy opt out letter.

What does “Opt Out” mean?

All residential and small business customers can choose to opt out of the program altogether and stick with ComEd’s purchased electricity, or choose a supplier on their own. If you opt out and later decide that you want to participate in the program, you may do so. You may opt in or opt out at any time without penalty or charge.

How do I “Opt Out”?

If you choose not to participate, you can elect to be removed from the Program by completing and returning the Opt-Out Card that was included in the Opt-Out notice you should have received from Dynegy or calling Dynegy at 844-351-7691 by July 13, 2017. If you have questions or need additional information about Municipal Aggregation or Dynegy's agreement with the City of Evanston, please visit Dynegy's website for FAQs and community specific information. Dynegy Customer Care is available 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday at 844-351-7691 or via email at

Please be advised you also have the option to purchase electricity supply from a Retail Electric Supplier (RES) or from ComEd pursuant to Section 16-103 of the Public Utilities Act. Information about your options can be found at Illinois Commerce Commission website: and You may request from the Illinois Power Agency, without charge, a list of all supply options available to you in a format that allows comparison of prices and products.

How do I Opt In?

Eligible residents and small businesses may join the program by contacting Dynegy. New customers to the program will be subject to the same terms and conditions initially agreed upon by Dynegy and the City of Evanston. The rate will be the same for residents that Opt-In after the initial term of the contract and will remain at $0.07132 per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Once a resident has contacted Dynegy to Opt In to the program, you will receive a letter from ComEd confirming your enrollment. Contact Dynegy by their website, Customer Care at 844-351-7691 or email

How do I know if I’m in the program?

Program participants will continue to receive a bill from ComEd for their electricity service. Residents can determine if they’re participating in the City’s program by reviewing their ComEd bill and looking for an item on the bill under the “supply charge” section that reads, “Electric Supply Services - Dynegy.” If your bill does not list this item, it’s likely that you are not a participant in the program. To view a sample ComEd invoice without aggregation, please visit ComEd’s website.

What does renewable energy mean?

In the terms of the City’s aggregation program, electricity supplied from renewable energy sources means that all participants in the program will have energy supplied to them via Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which ensure that green energy is being produced and added to the electricity grid. RECs come from facilities, such as wind farms, located in Illinois or a neighboring state and are required to be generated within one year of the energy being used by the aggregated group.

Don’t Residential and Small Commercial Retail Customers already have the power to choose their supplier?

Yes, as a result of energy deregulation in Illinois, all consumers have the option to select an alternate retail electricity supplier.

The Illinois Commerce Commission approves the alternate retail electric suppliers that are allowed to supply electricity in Illinois. Information on electric supply choice can be found on the Illinois Commerce Commission’s Plug In Illinois website. There are several important questions that any customer should ask when considering selecting an energy supplier, including questions about the price, contract terms, enrollment process, billing process and customer service. The Citizens Utility Board (CUB), a consumer advocacy group, also provides resources related to consumer electricity choice.

Residential and small business customers that have already selected an alternate retail electricity supplier would not be included with the aggregation program and would remain part of the agreement they already signed. In addition, those customers on ComEd’s real-time pricing program will also not be able to participate in the aggregation program. Residential customers can participate in a real-time pricing program, which is another way to save money from the set rate but cannot be used in conjunction with aggregation.

Additional Resources

Illinois Commerce Commission:

Citizens Utility Board:

Plug In Illinois:

Questions or comments should be submitted to 3-1-1.