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Community Resources

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Environmental issues affect the entire community, and it will take a collaborative effort to address them effectively. Below is a comprehensive, though not exhaustive, list of resources for topics ranging from climate change to food production.

General Sustainability Resources

  • Evanston Ecology Center - The Ecology Center strives to foster a greater appreciation, awareness and knowledge of the natural environment and our interdependence with it through educational programs and services.
  • EPA Sustainability Resource Finder - Search EPA programs, tools, models and other resources that promote sustainability.
  • Illinois EPA - Illinois EPA works to safeguard the state’s natural resources from pollution to provide a healthy environment for its citizens. By partnering with businesses, local governments and citizens, Illinois EPA is dedicated to continued protection of the air we breathe and our water and land resources.

Climate Change 

  • Climate Change is Real. On April 29, 2017 the Trump administration removed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Change Website from the internet. In an effort to preserve this research and public information the City of Evanston joined other municipalities in linking to a replicated version of the website. Community members can access this information by visiting:

Renewable Energy

  • Citizens' Greener Evanston - Citizens' Greener Evanston acts to improve community control of our greenhouse gas emissions, and is a great resource for information on renewable energy projects.
  • ISEN - The Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN) is an umbrella organization whose mission is to catalyze new science, technology, learning and policy for sustainability and energy.
  • Illinois Solar Energy Association - Educators and advocates for the application of solar energy in Illinois.

Energy Efficiency

  • Citizens' Greener Evanston - Citizens' Greener Evanston offers information on how to become more energy efficient and save money on your bills.
  • CEDA - Energy assistance and weatherization for low-income houses.
  • CUB Energy Saver - The Citizens' Utility Board Energy Saver program helps customers save money on their electric bill.
  • Energy Star - Energy Star is the EPA's program to promote energy efficient products and practices. Their site is a great place to access a variety of energy-saving material.
  • GBI - The Green Building Initiative is a non-profit organization whose goal is to speed up the adoption of energy efficient buildings.
  • MHPA - The Midwest Home Performance Association is a state supported association of performance specialists trained in making your home more energy efficient.


  • CTA - The Chicago Transit Authority provides cleaner commuting options through bus and rail service.
  • Metra - Metra provides an expansive rail system that connects the entire Chicagoland area.
  • Enterprise CarShare (formerly iGO) - Car sharing network that allows customers to rent cars whenever they need them.
  • ZipCar - Car sharing network that enables its members to use a car on demand.
  • Shared Use Mobility Center - Great tool for finding and learning about car sharing, bike shares, transit, etc. Go to "Tools" and then to "Mapping & Opportunity Analysis Tool" to access a map of Evanston's shared transport.

Waste Reduction, Recycling & Food Waste Composting

  • SWANCC - The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County provides information on waste collection and recycling options.
  • Earth911 - Earth911 offers a variety of recycling information.
  • Groot - Groot is Evanston's commercial waste hauler and the organization you should call if you are a multifamily home or business that wishes to start recycling service at your location. 
  • The Composting Collaborative - Provides comprehensive information related to composting  and composting initiatives around the U.S.
  • Collective Resource, inc. - An Evanston and Woman Owned Business that offers composting collection services to any property type and size. They also serve as one of the City's selected compost haulers.
  • Backyard Composting Guidelines - Guidelines provided by the City to Evanston property owners interested in composting organic material on their property.

Water Conservation

  • City of Evanston - The City of Evanston has a great deal of information on how to be more efficient with your water usage and how to save money on your bill.
  • WaterSense - The EPA's program covering more efficient water products and usage.
  • Mobile Water Station - Drinking tap water as opposed to bottled water is safer, cheaper and better for the environment.

Food Production

  • Farmers' Markets - The City of Evanston hosts Farmers' Markets every Saturday between May and November which showcases over 30 different vendors selling a variety of goods.
  • Slow Food Chicago - A volunteer network within the Chicagoland area that seeks to create lasting change in the local food system.
  • The Talking Farm - The Talking Farm's mission is to cultivate healthy, sustainable communities by supporting the production and appreciation of locally grown food.
  • Edible Evanston - Edible Evanston educates and assists Evanston residents to grow their own food and to share locally grown food with those in need.