Our Urban Forest

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Threats to Evanston Trees

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a non-native pest that feasts on ash trees. Many Evanston trees are falling victim to EAB. Follow the link to learn more.

Dutch Elm Disease is another force working against Evanston’s trees. It is a destructive wilt disease caused by two fungi.

Preserving Our Urban Forest

I Heart Evanston Trees works to provide a number of benefits to our community’s ecosystem which can be enjoyed by wildlife and citizens alike.

The Parkway Tree Planting program is designed to replace lost trees in a way that is good forestry practice to help maintain our Urban Forest. Why? Because, sadly, Evanston has been losing trees at a high rate due to extenuating circumstances such as disease or storm damage.

The Evanston TreeKeepers is a group of residents striving to keep Evanston's urban forest healthy and growing. The group is led by certified TreeKeepers and is affiliated with Openlands. They organize various events and activities to help establish young trees, raise awareness, and promote best practices in tree care.

Dutch Elm Disease Insurance is provided by the City of Evanston for residents with Dutch Elm trees on their private properties to protect against the possibility of tremendous costs required to remove the infected trees.

Tree Paint Marks could mean many different things: an inoculated tree, a new tree, or something else altogether. Follow the link to find out more.