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Date Due  Bid Name   Addendum
 RFP-19-23-0-2019/jro Active  06/20/2019  07/23/2019 RFP 19-23 Tennis Instruction Program  
 RFP-19-25-0-2019/jro Active  06/20/2019  07/23/2019 RFP 19-25 Athletics Instruction Program   
 RFP-19-39-0-2019/lit  Active   06/20/2019  07/23/2019 RFP 19-39 2020 Fire Engine Replacement   
07/16/2019  RFP 19-26 Lego Engineering Camp Program  
 RFP-19-27-0-2019/jro Active 06/13/2019  07/16/2019  RFP 19-27 Robotics and Coding Camps
  RFP-19-29-0-2019/jro Active 05/16/2019  02/28/2020 RFP 19-29 Long-Term Lease of Harley Clarke Mansion and Coach House  
  RFP-19-35-0-2019/jro  Active  05/23/2019    07/09/2019  RFP 19-35 Utility Bill Print and Mail  
  BID-19-36-0-2019/jro  Active   05/30/2019  07/16/2019 BID 19-36 Oakton Street Water Supply Connection   
  BID-19-37-0-2019/lit  Active  
06/06/2019 07/02/2019  BID 19-37 Alley Improvemnts Contract B & CDBG Park Improvements  
  RFP-19-38-0-2019/jro  Active  
06/06/2019   07/09/2019 RFP 19-38 Ice Rink Refrigeration and HVAC Maintenance Services for the RCCC   

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Prevailing Wage Rates

The General Assembly of the State of Illinois has enacted the Prevailing Wage Act, 820 ILCS 130/1 et seq. (“Act”).

The State of Illinois requires public bodies to meet certain prerequisites in issuing of bids and the letting of contracts for construction projects. The Illinois Prevailing Wage Act requires that the City of Evanston ascertain the prevailing rate of wages as defined in the Act. This Ordinance confirms that the general prevailing wage rates in this locality for laborers, mechanics, and other workers engaged in the construction of public works, is the same as determined by the Department of Labor of the State of Illinois.

Please follow links to see:

Prevailing Wage Act 820 ILCS 130/1 et seq. (“Act”)

Illinois Department of Labor Rates: Cook County and such posting shall constitute notice that the determination is effective and that this is the determination of the City.

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