Affordable Housing Plan Steering Committee

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PURPOSE: During its meeting on October 29, 2018, City Council approved the Mayor's appointments to the Affordable Housing Plan Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will be responsible for overseeing the overall development of the Affordable Housing Plan. The expectation is the process will take 12 months, and the Steering Committee will meet monthly in order to ensure that work moves forward in a timely manner. The Affordable Housing Plan will likely follow the American Planning Association’s Policy Principles, which are intended to break down local, state, federal barriers to more housing choice, as a framework and include the following components:

MEMBERSHIP: Appointed by Mayor


QUALIFICATIONS: Housing expertise; Evanston resident or adequate understanding of Evanston community

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center - Parasol Room, room 4900

REPORTS TO: City Council


Ald. Eleanor Revelle

Ellen Cushing 

Sarah Delgado

Stephanie Murray

Rodney Orr

Uri Pachter

Michael Roane, Chair

Christopher Rothwell

Timothy Stroh

STAFF Sarah K. Flax

Housing and Grants Administrator


Savannah Clement

Housing Policy and Planning Analyst


Agendas and Minutes

Packet Packet
Date Agenda Minutes Packet/Presentations


 10/16/2019 Agenda   Packet
 9/18/2019 Agenda   Packet
8/21/2019  Agenda Minutes Packet
6/19/2019 Agenda Minutes Packet    Presentation from MMC
05/15/2019 Agenda Minutes Packet
05/08/2019 Rescheduled    
04/10/2019 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/19/2019 Agenda
Minutes Packet
Minutes Packet



2009 Plan for Affordable Housing

2015-2019 Consolidated Plan

Affordable Housing White Paper from October 2017

American Planning Association Policy Principles

Piecing It Together, A Framing Playbook for Affordable Housing Advocates

Missing Middle Housing, Responding to the Demand for Walkable Urban Living

Climate Action Resilience Plan