Alternatives to Arrest Committee

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PURPOSE: The main goal of the Committee is to find local alternatives to arrest for misdemeanor and reduce the number of young adults that have a difficult time finding a job later in life.

MEETING SCHEDULE:  The Committee shall meet on a regular basis, or as needed, in meetings open to the public.

PLACE:  Joan Barr Aldermanic Library (Rm 2750) of the Morton Civic Center.  

 STAFF: Shanalee Gallagher, ICMA Fellow 
                City Manager's Office
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Agenda and Packet are posted below.

The following are members of the committee: 

 Members  Title / Date Appointed
 Peter Braithwaite (Chair)  Alderman
 Eleanor Revelle  Alderman
 Cicely Fleming  Alderman
 Don Wilson  Alderman
 Richard Eddington  Staff - Police Chief
 Mario Treto, Jr.  Staff - City Attorney
 Kevin Brown  Staff - Youth & Young Adult Pgm Mgr
 Rev. Michael Nabors  June 12, 2017
 Patrick Keenan-Devlin  June 12, 2017
 Shawn Jones  June 12, 2017
 Becky Biller  September 11, 2017


Agendas and Minutes

 Date  Agenda  Minutes  Documents
 9/28/18  Agenda    
 8/10/18  Agenda    
 6/29/18  Agenda   Minutes  
 5/25/18  Notice of Cancellation    
 4/20/18  Agenda   Minutes  
 1/12/18  Agenda   Minutes


 10/20/17  Agenda  Minutes   List of Ordinances to Be Reviewed
10/6/17- Canceled
  9/15/17  Agenda  Minutes  Misdemeanor Arrests Report