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Arts Council

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PURPOSE: To encourage the involvement of citizens in the arts and to aid the coordination of private and public cultural activities in addition to administering and developing Noyes as a Cultural Arts Center for the Evanston community. (55-0-75).

# OF MEMBERS: Twelve (12) members appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be an Evanston resident or employed in Evanston.

TERM: Two (3) year terms.

MEETING DATE: 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

PLACE: Civic Center Room 2404

REPORTS TO: Human Services Committee

 Beth Adler,Chair  10/31/2022*
 Jamal Ahmad  01/31/2021
 Judith Cohen  05/31/2021*
 Lisa Corrin  09/30/2021
 Chantal Healey  11/12/2022
 Indira Johnson  01/15/2022
 Gay Riseborough  05/31/2021*
 Maasai Amewa  09/22/2022
 Toby Sachs, Vice-chair  01/15/2022
 Angela Williams  01/15/2022 
 BJ Jones  01/15/2022
 James Deeb  06/25/2022

*2nd Term


Paulina Martínez 
Assistant to the City Manager
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Agenda & Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes Packet
 03/10/2020  Agenda    Packet
 02/11/2020  Agenda    Packet
 01/14/2020  Agenda    Packet
 12/10/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 11/12/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
10/15/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 09/10/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 No August Meeting      
 07/09/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 06/11/2019 Agenda   Minutes  Packet
 05/14/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 04/9/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 03/12/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 02/12/2019 Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 01/15/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 12/11/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 10/16/2018  Agenda  Minutes  
 10/9/2018 Cancellation
 9/11/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 08/14/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 07/10/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 06/12/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 05/08/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 04/10/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 03/13/18  Agenda    
 02/13/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 01/09/18  Agenda  Minutes  
 11/14/17  Agenda  Minutes  
 10/10/17  Agenda  Minutes  
 09/19/17  Agenda  Minutes  
 08/08/17  Agenda  Minutes  
 07/11/17  Agenda  Minutes  
 06/13/17  Agenda  Minutes  
 04/18/17  Agenda  N/A  
03/14/17   Agenda  Minutes  
 02/21/17  Agenda  N/A  
 01/10/17  Agenda Minutes   
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Public Art Subcommittee

Date Agenda Minutes Packet
 06/02/2020  Agenda    Packet
 03/03/2020  Canceled    
 02/04/2020  Agenda    
 01/07/2020  Canceled    
 12/03/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 11/05/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 10/01/2019  Agenda  Minutes  
 07/02/2019  Canceled    
 06/04/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 05/07/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 04/02/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 03/04/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 01/10/2018  Agenda