Board of Ethics

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PURPOSE:  To secure and maintain financial disclosure and affiliation statements from those persons required to file such a statement; to develop and recommend to the city council a code of ethics applicable to public officials; to evaluate, make findings of fact and issue advisory opinions for the city council on questions of possible unethical conduct or conflict of interest. When the possible unethical conduct or conflict of interest concerns the prohibited political activities or gift ban provisions of this chapter, the board may recommend to the city council that the matter be referred to the law department for appropriate action pursuant to 5 Illinois Compiled Statutes 430/1-1 et seq. Such deliberations may be initiated by the board or upon request, given due cause; to consider related issues in addition to references from the city council, and to develop rules and procedures to govern its own conduct of business.

The Board of Ethics shall report to the rules committee of the city council, as needed, or at least annually.  (20-0-78) (2-0-81) (1-O-86) (92-O-89) (29-O-07)

# OF MEMBERS: Five (5) members appointed by the Mayor.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be an Evanston resident or employed in Evanston.

TERM: Three (3) year terms. Members may serve no more than two (2) terms.

MEETING DATE: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center – Room 2403

REPORTS TO: Rules Committee

Kelda Harris-Harty (Chair)  June 11, 2018*
Jennifer Billingsley (Vice-Chair)  July 14, 2020.
 Vincent Thomas (Sergeant in Arms))   April 10, 2020
Karena Bierman  April 10,  2020
Elizabeth Gustafson  April 23, 2020

*2nd Term

STAFF: Michelle Masoncup, Deputy City Attorney
Legal Department
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City Code - Title 1, Chapter 10
Inquiry/Complaint Form

Agendas and Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes Packet
 10/17/17  Agenda    Packet
 9/19/17  cancellation    
 8/15/17  Agenda    Packet
 7/18/17 cancellation    
 6/20/17  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 5/16/17  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 5/2/17 Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 4/18/17  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 3/21/17  Agenda    Packet
 2/21/17  Cancellation    
 1/24/17  Cancellation    
 12/20/16  Cancellation    
 11/15/16  Cancellation    
 10/18/16  Cancellation    
 7/19/16  CCancellation    
6/21/16 Agenda Minutes Packet
5/17/16 Cancellation
4/19/16 Cancellation
3/15/16 Cancellation
2/16/16 Cancellation
1/26/16 Cancellation
12/15/2015 Cancellation
11/17/2015 Cancellation N/A
10/20/2015 Agenda Minutes Meeting-Packet
9/15/2015 Agenda Minutes
8/18/2015 Cancellation N/A
7/21/2015 Cancellation N/A
6/16/2015 Cancellation N/A
5/19/2015 Cancellation N/A
4/21/2015 Agenda Minutes
3/17/2015 Cancellation N/A
2/10/15 Cancellation N/A
1/20/15 Agenda Minutes
12/16/14 Cancellation N/A
11/18/14 Agenda Minutes
10/21/14 Agenda Minutes
9/16/14 Cancellation N/A
8/19/14 Agenda Minutes
7/15/14 Agenda Minutes
6/17/14 Cancellation N/A
5/20/14 Cancellation N/A
4/15/14 Agenda Minutes Packet
3/18/14 Agenda Minutes Packet
2/18/14 Cancellation N/A
1/21/14 Cancellation N/A
12/10/13 Agenda Minutes
11/19/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
10/15/13 Cancellation N/A N/A
9/17/13 Cancellation N/A N/A
8/20/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
8/13/13 Agenda Minutes --
7/30/13 Agenda Minutes --
7/16/13 Agenda Minutes --
6/18/13 Cancellation N/A --
5/21/13 Agenda Minutes --
4/16/13 Cancellation N/A --
3/19/13 Cancellation N/A --
2/19/13 Agenda Minutes --
1/15/13 Cancellation N/A --



 05/16/17 Ester and Ducre 17BOE 001 and Murray 17 BOE 003
 5/16/17 Witenberg 17 BOE 002
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