Housing, Homelessness & Human Relations Commission

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PURPOSE: In order to protect and promote the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents, the City Council establishes a Housing, Homelessness, and Human Relations Commission ("Commission") to provide for the planning, expansion, maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation of Evanston's housing stock and to be responsive to needs for change in housing related matters to the end of maintaining a diverse residential environment and to conserve property values within the community and to combat homelessness. It is further found that the Commission is necessary to monitor and maintain compliance with fair housing and other protections afforded to any individual with a disability or who is a member of a protected class. (Ord. No. 77-O-16 , § 2, 7-25-2016) 

# OF MEMBERS: Nine (9) members.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Commission consists of nine (9) members who serve without compensation and are residents of the City of Evanston. The members must include the following: One (1) member who resides in a rental unit in Evanston; One (1) member who is a landlord that owns at least one (1) multi-family building in Evanston; One (1) member of a protected class or who has a background or experience in human rights, fair housing, environmental justice or similar areas;  One (1) member who is able to adequately represent the housing needs of seniors; and Two (2) members who are Aldermen. (Ord. No. 77-O-16 , § 2, 7-25-2016)

TERM: 3 years, may serve a second term.

MEETING DATE: First Thursday of every month, at 7:00 p.m.

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, Room 2402

REPORTS TO: Planning and Development Committee

STAFF:  Savannah Clement
                Housing Policy and Planning Analyst
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Date Agenda Actions  Minutes Packet/Presentations
12/07/2017 Agenda  Actions   Packet
11/02/2017 Agenda Actions  Minutes Packet
10/05/2017 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
09/07/2017 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet 
08/03/2017  Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
07/06/2017  Canceled      
06/28/2017 Agenda   Minutes Packet
06/01/2017 Canceled      
05/09/2017 Agenda   Minutes  Packet
04/06/2017 Agenda   Minutes Packet
03/02/2017 Agenda    Minutes Packet
02/02/2017 Agenda   Minutes Packet
01/10/2017 Agenda   Minutes Packet
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Members Term Expiration
Ald. Eleanor Revelle
Sue Calder* June 2018
Sidney Caselberry* June 2018
Ellen Cushing, Chair* February 2020
Noelle Gilbreath* July 2020
Sandra Hill* June 2018
Kyle Lauterhahn* April 2018
Moika Long* July 2020 
Geri Palmer, Vice-Chair* October 2019

*2nd Term