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Mental Health Board

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Agencies interested in applying for funding can review the prior year Public Services & Mental Health Board Funding Application. Please review the Community Development Block Grant page for  more information about the upcoming application cycle.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Mental Health Board ("Board") is to protect and promote the mental health and welfare of all City of Evanston residents. The Board reviews service providers requesting grants from the City of Evanston Human Services Fund and develops fund recommendations that address the needs of the City's at-risk residents who are unable to meet basic needs or access mainstream services without assistance. Services can include, but are not limited to: treatment for mental health, treatment for substance abuse issues, and access to basic human needs. (79-O-16).

# OF MEMBERS: Nine (9) members appointed by the Mayor.

The Board is currently looking for new volunteers to serve on the Mental Health Board.
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QUALIFICATIONS: The Board consists of nine (9) members who serve without compensation and are residents of the City of Evanston. The members must include representatives of interested groups in the community, such as medical societies, local welfare agencies, hospital boards, school boards, local comprehensive health-planning agencies, lay associations concerned with mental health, alcoholism, controlled substance addiction or use of cannabis, or developmental disabilities, as well as labor, business and civic groups and the general public.

No member may be a full-time or part-time employee of the Illinois Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, the Illinois Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, or of any agency, facility, or service that receives funds from the Board.

TERM: Four (4) year terms. Members may serve no more than two (2) terms.

MEETING DATE: 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center - Room 2402

REPORTS TO: Human Services Committee

STAFF: Jessica Wingader 
               Grants and Compliance Specialist
               Community Development Department
               Staff Email

Public Comment Guidelines

Agendas and Minutes

     Agenda  Video
Date Agenda  Minutes  Actions Packets/Presentations Video
 7/9/20  Canceled        
 6/11/20  Canceled        
 5/14/20  Canceled        
 4/9/20  Canceled        
 3/12/20  Canceled        
 2/20/20  Agenda    Actions  Packet  
 2/13/20  Rescheduled        
 1/9/20  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 12/12/19  Agenda Minutes   Actions  Packet  Video
 11/16/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 11/7/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 10/10/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions Packet   
 9/17/19  Agenda  Minutes  


Social Services Recommendations

Needs Assessment presentation

 9/12/19  Rescheduled        
 8/8/19  Canceled        
 7/11/19 Agenda  Minutes  Actions Packet  
 6/13/19  Canceled        
 5/9/19  Agenda Minutes   Actions  Packet  
 4/11/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 3/14/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 2/14/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 1/10/19  Canceled        
 12/13/18  Canceled        
 11/29/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 11/08/18  Canceled        
 10/11/18  Canceled        
 9/22/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 9/6/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 8/9/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 7/12/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions Packet  
 6/14/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 5/10/18 Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 4/12/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 3/8/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 2/8/18 Canceled        
 1/11/18 Agenda
 Minutes  Actions  Packet  




 Agenda    Actions  Packet  
 10/12/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 9/23/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 9/14/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 8/10/17  Canceled        
7/13/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 6/8/17 Agenda   Minutes    Packet  
 5/11/17  Agenda  Minutes   Packet
 4/13/17  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  
 3/9/17 Agenda
 Minutes    Packet  
2/9/17 Canceled    
1/12/17 Agenda  Minutes   Packet


Jessica Sales, Chair  10/10/2020
Sandi Johnson 4/10/2021*
Irene Ziaya 5/14/2023*
Rebecca Feiler 10/10/2020
Jackie Haimes 2/12/2022
Gnathan Carpenter  1/14/2023
Damita Cravens  9/4/2023
Rodney Orr  9/4/2023
 Archana Sood  9/4/2023

* 2nd Term