Citizen Police Complaint Assessment Committee

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Committee Application


Thank you for your interest in applying to the Citizen Police Complaint Assessment Committee. Once established, the Committee will report back to the Human Services Committee in May 2018 with findings related to the following questions. 

  1. How does Evanston Police Department civilian police complaint process currently work?
  2. What issues, if any, are there with the current complaint process?
  3. What is the complaint process for communities similar to Evanston? 
  4. Are there any nationally recognized best practices related to how municipalities, similar to Evanston, handle civilian complaints? Are there other best practices the Committee discovered?
  5. What suggested changes can Evanston make to address any issues identified with the current process?
  6. Are any of these suggested changes to the citizen complaint process included in the 27 point police issue work plan?

The Committee will be given nine (9) months to complete its evaluation at which point it will issue its findings and recommendations to the Human Service Committee of the City Council. The Mayor will clarify any questions the Committee has about scope, mission, and make necessary modification to the timeline below. 

Per the preliminary work conducted by the “Framers Working Group,” the City will specifically seek applicants from the organizations identified by the Group. The selection of members by the Mayor will be based on many factors including life experience, a perspective of the police, and gender, age, racial and geographical makeup.

The Committee will be supported by staff liaisons Kimberly Richardson, Assistant to the City Manager, and Aretha Barnes, Deputy Police Chief. 


Application Process: Open 
Mayoral Review and Selection - August 2017
Council Approval of Committee Members - September 2017
Committee Work - September 2017 - April 2018
Presentation of Findings/Recommendations - May 2018
City Council Consideration and/or Action - June/ July 2018


Police Issues Working Plan webpage