Citizen Police Complaint Assessment Committee

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 The Citizen Police Complaint Assessment Committee will report back to the Human Services Committee in May 2018 with findings related to the following questions. 

  1. How does Evanston Police Department civilian police complaint process currently work?
  2. What issues, if any, are there with the current complaint process?
  3. What is the complaint process for communities similar to Evanston? 
  4. Are there any nationally recognized best practices related to how municipalities, similar to Evanston, handle civilian complaints? Are there other best practices the Committee discovered?
  5. What suggested changes can Evanston make to address any issues identified with the current process?
  6. Are any of these suggested changes to the citizen complaint process included in the 27 point police issue work plan?

# of Members: Nine (9) members appointed by the Mayor

Karen Courtright
Matthew Mitchell
Joi Russell
Dr. D. Vincent Thomas Jr.
Jared Davis
Randy Foreman
Jeff Parker
Dr. Meggie Smith
Dr. Peter Demuth

The Committee will be supported by staff liaisons Kimberly Richardson, Assistant to the City Manager, and Aretha Barnes, Deputy Police Chief. 

 Meeting Date  Agenda  Minutes  Packet/Material
 November 1, 2017




 October 12, 2017 AGENDA  MINUTES

Complaint Process Steps Diagram

Complaint Form

Disposition Classification

Officers Bill of Rights

Police Org. Chart

Champaign, IL Report

Police Employee Manual

Portable Audio Video Recorder

FOP Contract Sergeants

FOP Contracts Patrol Officer 2014-2016


Police Issues Working Plan webpage