Environment Board

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PURPOSE: To support Evanston's environmental goals of reducing and mitigating climate change impacts, increasing resource efficiency and protecting and restoring natural systems by investigating issues and developing recommendations for City Council, other Boards, Committees and Commissions and City Departments to meet Evanston's goals. (36-O-71) (23-O-93) (78-O-16).

# OF MEMBERS: Eleven (11) members appointed by the Mayor.

QUALIFICATIONS: (A) Seven (7) members who have training and/or experience in areas addressing climate change issues or natural systems such as: environmental science, law, education, ecology, pollution control, engineering, or public health.

(B) Two (2) members who have training, knowledge, past experience, or some combination related to arboretums.

(C) Two (2) members must be designated as "at-large" community representatives that need to have an interest but are not required to have training or experience in areas addressing climate change  issues or natural systems such as: environmental science, law, education, ecology, pollution control, engineering, or public health.

TERM: Three (3) year terms. Members may serve no more than two (2) terms.

MEETING DATE: 2nd Thursday of each month, 6:30 p.m.
PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Ave., Room 2404

REPORTS TO: Human Services Committee

Member Term
Cherie LeBlanc Fisher 12/12/2020
Jerri Garl 09/9/2022*
Tom Klitzkie 10/10/2020
Christopher Kucharczyk 12/12/2020
Sarah Liddell 04/17/2020
Michelle Redfield 06/24/2022
Caroline Peyer 06/24/2022
Ben Kaplan 05/12/2022
Wendy Pollock (Chair) 10/10/2020

*2nd Term

Current Board Vacancies- Two


Kumar Jensen, City Manager's Office

Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer




Agendas and Minutes

Draft Minutes
Date Agenda Minutes Documents
 Past Meetings      
 9/12/2019  Agenda   Meeting Packet & Community Waste Data 
 8/8/2019  Cancelled  
 7/11/2019  Agenda  Minutes Meeting Packet & Sewer 101 Presentation
 6/13/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Meeting Packet
 5/9/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Meeting Packet
 4/11/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Meeting Packet & Staff Presentation 
 3/14/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Meeting Packet
 2/14/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Meeting Packet
 1/10/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 12/13/2018 Agenda Minutes  2019 Meeting Schedule, 2019 EEB Goals
 11/8/2018 Agenda Minutes  
 10/11/2018 Agenda Minutes Packet & Presentations
9/13/2018 Agenda
 Draft Climate Action and Resilience PlanPresentation
 8/9/2018 Agenda Minutes  Staff Report
 7/14/2018 Cancelled    
 6/14/2018 Agenda  Minutes  
 5/10/2018 Agenda  Minutes  Pesticide ReportEEB Budget Letter to Mayor and City Council
 4/12/2018 Agenda  Minutes Packet (Public Hearing on Stormwater Plan)
 3/8/2018 Agenda  Minutes  
 2/8/2018 Agenda  Minutes Packet
 1/11/2018 Agenda  Minutes  Packet
12/14/2017 Agenda Minutes Packet
11/9/2017 Agenda Minutes
10/12/2017 Agenda Minutes
9/14/2017 Agenda Minutes
8/10/2017 Agenda Minutes
7/13/2017 Cancelled N/A N/A
6/8/2017 Agenda Minutes Packet
5/11/2017 Agenda Minutes
4/13/2017 Agenda Minutes Packet 
3/9/2017 Agenda Minutes
2/9/2017 Agenda Minutes
1/12/2017 Agenda Minutes 78-O-16 Environment Board Revised Purpose
12/8/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
11/10/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
10/13/2016 Agenda Minutes Public Input About Composting
09/08/2016 Agenda Minutes N/A
08/11/2016 Agenda Minutes N/A
07/14/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
06/09/2016 Cancelled N/A N/A
05/12/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
04/14/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/10/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
02/11/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/14/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet
12/10/2015 Agenda Minutes
11/12/2015 Agenda Minutes Packet
10/05/2015 Agenda Minutes N/A
09/10/2015 Agenda Minutes N/A
08/10/2015 Cancelled N/A Packet
07/09/2015 Agenda Minutes N/A
06/11/2015 Cancelled N/A N/A
05/14/2015 Agenda Minutes N/A
04/09/2015 Cancelled N/A N/A
03/12/2015 Agenda Minutes Packet
02/12/2015 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/08/2015 Cancelled N/A N/A
12/11/2014 Agenda Minutes N/A
11/13/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
10/09/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
09/11/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
08/14/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
07/10/2014 Cancelled N/A N/A
06/12/2014 Cancelled N/A N/A
05/08/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
04/10/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/13/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
02/13/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/09/2014 Agenda Minutes Packet
12/12/2013 Agenda No Quorum Packet
11/14/2013 Agenda No Quorum Packet
10/10/2013 Agenda Minutes Packet
09/12/2013 Agenda Minutes Packet
Agenda No Quorum N/A
07/11/2013 Agenda No Quorum N/A
06/13/2013 Agenda No Quorum Packet
Agenda Minutes Packet
04/11/2013 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/14/2013 Cancelled N/A N/A
02/14/2013 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/10/2013 Agenda Minutes Packet
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