Evanston Public Library's Racial Equity Task Force

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Apply to be on the Equity Task Force.

Please submit your application for consideration no later than June 1, 2019.

We are seeking Evanston residents to apply to join the Evanston Public Library’s Racial Equity Task Force.  We are seeking residents with knowledge and experience to make a valuable contribution to this Task Force.  By serving on this task force, you have the opportunity to guide the library in the following ways:

  • Make recommendations for how equity, diversity, and inclusion are integrated into the library’s work;

  • Identify ways EPL might advance equity and inclusion within public libraries; and

  • Help EPL better work with and serve diverse communities, neighborhoods, and staff.

Evanston Public Library is committed to EDI for our community members. This work requires persistent and vigilant efforts to identify, speak out and take action against oppression in public libraries, in society, and within the library profession. To fully meet these goals, we must authentically engage others, understand our work and its impact, act when we fall short of our aspirations, acknowledge gaps and shortcomings, and carefully and intentionally find ways to do better.

Time Commitment: The Racial Equity Task Force will meet twice a month for the first three months. After the initial three months, the Task Force will meet monthly for up to two hours. Members should be available to attend every regularly scheduled meeting in its entirety. In addition, members may take on specific tasks to be accomplished outside of the meeting. The estimated total time commitment for each member on this Task Force will be 4-10 hours per month.

Term: Task Force members are invited for one or two-year appointments.

Members: Up to six task force members will be identified and will serve along with up to four Evanston Public Library staff members. Up to two member(s) of the EPL Board of Trustees will serve as ex-officio members.

Performance Expectations:  The Task Force reports to the Library Board and is sponsored by the Library Director, Karen Danczak Lyons. Two co-chairs will facilitate the work of the group, one community member and one EPL staff member. The task force is expected to share progress reports with the Library Board on a quarterly basis.

 We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your consideration.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Karen Danczak Lyons, kdanczaklyons@cityofevanston.org at 847-448-8650.