Parks, Recreation and Community Services Board

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PURPOSE: To provide for, maintain, supervise and direct all playground and recreation activities for the City of Evanston (Code: Title 7-9) (86-O-93).

MEMBERS: 9 members appointed by the Mayor with approval of the City Council.

TERM: 5 years - If a vacancy occurs, the Mayor with City Council shall appoint a successor to serve for the unexpired term of the departing member.

MEETING DATE: 3rd Thursday of each month, 7:00 p.m.  No meeting in August.

PLACE: Various community centers 

REPORTS TO: Human Services Committee

Members: Term Dates:
Donald Michelin 8/14/22
Daniel Stein 6/27/21*
John Bryan, President 10/14/23*
Emily DeStefano 5/10/20
Denise Barreto 3/21/21
Tracy Long  1/17/24
Daniel Featherson  1/17/24
 Edmund Moran  1/17/24

*2nd Term


Lawrence C. Hemingway, Director
Parks, Recreation and Community Services Dept.

Date Agenda Minutes
 12/20/18  Agenda  
 11/15/18  Agenda  Minutes
 10/18/18  Agenda  Minutes
 9/20/18  Agenda  Minutes
 7/19/18  Agenda  Minutes
 6/21/18  Canceled  
 05/24/18  Agenda  Minutes
 04/19/18  Agenda  Minutes
 03/15/18  Agenda  Minutes
 02/22/18  Canceled
 01/18/18  Agenda Minutes
 12/21/17  Canceled  
 11/16/17  Agenda Minutes
 10/26/17 Agenda   Minutes
 9/21/17  Agenda  Minutes
 7/20/17  Canceled  
 6/15/17  Agenda  Minutes
 5/18/17  Agenda  Minutes
 4/20/17  Agenda  Minutes
 3/16/17  Agenda  Minutes
 2/23/17  Agenda  Minutes
 1/19/17  Canceled  
12/15/16 Agenda Minutes
11/17/16 Agenda Minutes
10/20/16 Agenda Minutes
9/15/16 Agenda Minutes
8/18/16 Agenda Minutes
7/21/16 Canceled
6/30/16 Agenda Minutes
5/19/16 Agenda Minutes
4/21/16 Agenda Minutes
3/17/16 Agenda Minutes
2/18/19 Agenda Minutes
1/21/16 Agenda Minutes
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