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Plan Commission

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PURPOSE: To conduct public hearings for Planned Developments, Zoning Ordinance Map and Text Amendments and Unique Use applications, formulate basic policies for a Comprehensive Plan, initiate studies concerning present and future development and redevelopment of the City and prepare recommendations for the annual revision of the Capital Improvement Program relative to the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan.  (Ord. N. 8-O-12, (47-O-11(exh. B, 2-7-1)), 1-23-2012)

# OF MEMBERS: Nine (9) Regular members appointed by Mayor plus non-voting associate members appointed by Plan Commission. Chair elected by members from membership.

QUALIFICATIONS: Members must be Evanston residents.

TERM: Three (3) year terms.  Members may serve no more than two (2) terms.

MEETING DATE: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. plus special meetings to be determined by Plan Commission.

2020 Meeting Dates 

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center - Council Chambers.

REPORTS TO: Planning and Development Committee

STAFF: Meagan Jones
                Planning & Zoning Division
                Phone: 847.448.4311
                Staff Email


PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS: Plan Commission Administrative Rules and Procedures

How to Provide Public Comment

Agendas & Minutes

Actions - Revi
Date Agenda Minutes Actions  Packets/Presentations Video
3/11/20  Agenda    Actions


605 Davis Wind Study -submitted 3.12.20

2/26/20  Agenda    Actions 


1621 Chicago Ave - Fiscal-Economic Impact Analysis 

2/12/20  Agenda   Minutes Actions
Packet   Video
1/22/20  Agenda  Minutes  Actions - Corrected  Packet   Video
1/8/20  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   
12/11/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 


Proposed 2020 Meeting Dates

11/13/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 


Staff Presentation w/ Edits

Economic Development Cooperative Presentation

10/30/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
10/9/19  Rescheduled         
9/25/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
9/11/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
8/28/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 

Revised Packet 8.26.19

Petition in Opposition Submitted 8.23.19

Revised Communications and Historical Documents submitted 8.23.19

8/14/19  Canceled        
8/7/19  Agenda Minutes  Actions


1215 Church St- YWCA -Full PD Application

7/24/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions Packet   Video
7/10/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
6/12/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
5/29/19   Agenda Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
5/8/19 Canceled        
4/10/19  Agenda Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
3/13/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
2/13/19 Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
1/9/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 


1714-1720 Chicago Ave. Turning Diagrams, received 01.04.19

12/12/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 


Comments Received 12.07.18-12.12.18 

Petitioner's Presentation

11/14/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions Packet   Video
10/10/18  Agenda
Minutes  Actions- corrected  Packet   Video
9/12/18  Canceled         
8/8/18  Joint PC and ZBA Agenda  Minutes   Actions Packet  Video
7/25/18  Canceled         
7/11/18  Canceled         
6/13/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
5/9/18  Canceled         
4/18/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
4/11/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 


Comments Received as of 4.10.18

3/14/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions
Packet   Video
2/21/18  Agenda  Minutes Actions  Packet   VIdeo
2/14/18  Rescheduled
1/10/18 Canceled         
12/13/17  Canceled         
12/6/17 Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet
11/29/17  Agenda Minutes  Actions 


Market and Traffic Studies

Revised Staff IHO Memo dated 11.27.17

Vermilion Response to Staff Report_11.28,17

11/8/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 


8.30.17 & 9.13.17 Draft Meeting Minutes





9/13/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions 


1450-1508 Sherman - Revisions dated 9.8.17

Parking Study & Zoning Analysis


PC Agenda

Joint PC and ZBA Agenda

Minutes   Actions

PC packet

Joint PC and ZBA Packet

8/9/17  Agenda   Minutes Actions 


Revised Staff Report 8.8.17

1454-1508 Sherman - PD Application

7/12/17  Agenda   Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
6/14/17  Canceled
5/10/17 Agenda   Minutes    Packet  Video
4/12/17 Canceled        
3/22/17  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  Video
3/8/17  Agenda  Minutes  


831 Emerson - PD Application

831 Emerson - Revisions dated 03.07.17

2/8/17  Canceled        
1/11/17  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  Video

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 Members  Term Expiration  
Carol Goddard 02/27/2020*
Peter Isaac, Chair  04/23/2021*

Andrew Pigozzi


George Halik 01/22/2021
Jennifer Draper 07/23/2021 
Jane Sloss 05/13/2022 
John Hewko 08/05/2022 
 Brian Johnson 12/9/2022 

 *2nd term

Meagan Jones
Planning & Zoning Division
Phone: 847.448.8170