Zoning Committee

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PURPOSE:  The Zoning Committee is a subcommittee of the Plan Commission.  The committee reviews text amendments and map amendments to the Zoning Ordinance on a per need basis in public hearings.  The Zoning Committee makes recommendations on such cases, which then move forward to the Plan Commission.  

MEMBERS:  Six  (6) members

MEETING DATE:  3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

PLACE:  Room 2403, Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Avenue


Colby Lewis

Jennifer Draper

Terri Dubin

Carol Goddard

Peter Isaac- Chair

Staff Contact:
Meagan Jones
Planning & Zoning Division
Phone: 847.448.4311

Date Agenda Minutes Packets
10/16/19  Agenda    Packet
4/10/19  Agenda    Packet 
3/27/19  Agenda  Minutes Packet 
2/20/19  Agenda  Meeting canceled  Packet 
11/15/17  Agenda  Minutes  Packet 


Agenda Minutes
10/21/15 Agenda Minutes Packet
09/16/15 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/18/15 Agenda Minutes Packet
12/17/14 Cancelled
11/19/14 Cancelled
10/15/14 Agenda Minutes Packet
09/17/14 Cancelled Meeting canceled Packet
08/20/14 Agenda Meeting canceled Packet
07/16/14 Cancelled
06/18/14 Cancelled
05/21/14 Agenda Minutes Packet
04/16/14 Cancelled
03/19/14 Cancelled
02/19/14 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/15/14 Cancelled
12/18/13 Cancelled
11/20/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
10/16/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
09/18/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
08/21/13 Cancelled
07/17/13 Agenda Packet
06/19/13 Cancelled
05/15/13 Cancelled
04/17/13 Cancelled
03/27/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/20/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
03/06/13 Cancelled Packet
02/20/13 Agenda Minutes Packet
01/16/13 Cancelled N/A