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Public Safety Civil Service Commission

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Public Safety Civil Service Commission Rules & Regulations (eff. 7/2/15)

PURPOSE: The Public Safety Civil Service Commission certifies candidates for original appointment of entry-level police officers and firefighters in accordance with the Civil Service Act, 65 ILCS 5/10-1-1 et seq. The purpose of the Commission is to promote fair and equal treatment and equal opportunity under the law.  The attached Rules describe the Police Officer and Firefighter testing processes.

# OF MEMBERS: Seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of the City Council.


TERM: The Mayor, with the approval of the City Council, shall appoint seven (7) persons who shall constitute and be known as the Public Safety Civil Service Commission. The Commission shall annually, on the first meeting of the year, elect a Chairman. Those holding office at the time of the effective date of this Ordinance shall continue in office until the expiration of the terms to which they have been appointed. After the expiration of the terms of the existing Commissioners, the Mayor shall, in like manner, appoint person(s) as the successor of the respective Commissioner whose term will expire that year to serve as such Commissioner for three (3) years and until his/her successor is appointed and qualified. At the discretion of the Mayor, each Commissioner may be reappointed for just one (1) additional term. Human Resource Division Manager or assigned designee will function as the secretary for the Commission. 

MEETING DATE: As needed on weekdays, typically in the mornings

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center

REPORTS TO: Administration & Public Works Committee

Givonna Long 5/13/22
Fred Tanenbaum 6/24/22
Steve LeMieux-Jordan 6/24/22
Mary Erickson, Chair* 1/22/21
Joan Hickman* 4/13/21
Diane Petersmarck
Lynne Sered 4/17/20

*denotes second term

STAFF: Jennifer Lin, HR Division Manager
Administrative Services Department
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Agendas and Minutes

Date Agenda Minutes
8/30/19  Agenda  
8/2/19  Agenda Minutes
7/16/19  Agenda  Minutes
5/31/19  Agenda Minutes
4/8/19 Agenda Minutes
2/20/19 Agenda Minutes
12/5/18 Agenda Minutes
9/12/18 Agenda Minutes
5/9/18 Agenda Minutes
12/11/17 Agenda Minutes
9/14/17 Agenda Minutes
4/27/17 Agenda
3/22/17 Agenda Minutes
2/8/17  Agenda  Minutes
12/15/16 Agenda  Minutes
6/29/16 Agenda Minutes
4/5/16 Agenda Minutes
3/9/16 Agenda Minutes
1/26/16 Agenda Minutes