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Economic Development Committee

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PURPOSE: To act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters of business district redevelopment, including but not limited to the following: l) to review and make recommendations concerning all redevelopment proposals, provided that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the sponsor of a rejected proposal from petitioning City Council directly; 2) to use resource persons for assistance and advice on specific proposals for consideration by the Committee; and 3) to gather and disseminate appropriate information regarding the economic vitality of the City. (2-R-81) (4-R-83).

# OF MEMBERS: Nine: Nine (9) members, with a rotating Chair system.

QUALIFICATIONS: Five (5) members shall be Aldermen; one (1) member shall be a representative of the Plan Commission; one (1) member shall be a representative of the Zoning Board of Appeals; two (2) members shall be citizens-at-large.

TERM: Citizens-at-large, 3 years; Aldermen, 4 years (without limit).

MEETING DATE: 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M.* (*NOTE: The meeting date may be altered due to holidays; please consult the official City Calendar to confirm meeting dates/times.)  Items submitted for consideration by the Economic Development Committee should be filed with the Economic Development Division Staff no later than two weeks prior to the meeting date.

PLACE: James C. Lytle City Council Chambers

REPORTS TO: City Council                                                                                       

 Ald. Robin Rue Simmons  
 Ald. Ann Rainey  
 Ald. Melissa Wynne
 Ald. Donald Wilson, Chair  
 Ald. Peter Braithwaite  
Vacant, Liaison, Plan Commission
Lisa Dziekan, Liaison, Zoning Board of Appeals
Scott Ogawa, Member-At-Large
Vacant, Member-At-Large
 Hecky Powell, Member-At-Large -  In Memoriam  - 1948-2020  

STAFF:  Paul Zalmezak,  Economic Development Manager
                City Manager's Office
                 Email Staff

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 06/24/2020 Agenda    





Meeting Cancellation Notice          
04/22/2020 Canceled          
03/25/2020 Canceled          
 02/26/2020 Meeting Cancellation Notice          
 01/22/2020  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 12/5/2019  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  Video  
 11/27/2019 (Rescheduled to 12/5/2019)  Meeting Cancellation Notice          
 10/23/2019  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  Video  
 09/25/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet    
 07/24/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 06/26/2019 Canceled      Packet    


 04/24/2019  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  Video  
 02/27/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 11/28/2018 Canceled          
 10/24/2018  Agenda Minutes  Actions



 9/26/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 7/25/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 6/27/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 5/23/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 4/25/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 No March Meeting Scheduled            
 2/28/2018  Agenda  Minutes


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Agenda   Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video  
 11/29/2017 Canceled          
 10/25/2017 Agenda   Minutes  Actions Packet  Video    Video  
 9/27/2017 Canceled          
 8/23/2017 Cancelled           
 7/26/2017 Canceled      Packet    
 6/28/2017 Agenda   Minutes  Actions


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 5/24/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet    
 4/26/2017  Agenda Minutes  Actions    Packet    
 3/22/2017  Canceled          
2/22/2017  Agenda Minutes   Packet  
1/25/2017 Agenda Minutes   Packet  
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