Economic Development Committee

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PURPOSE: To act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters of business district redevelopment, including but not limited to the following: l) to review and make recommendations concerning all redevelopment proposals, provided that nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the sponsor of a rejected proposal from petitioning City Council directly; 2) to use resource persons for assistance and advice on specific proposals for consideration by the Committee; and 3) to gather and disseminate appropriate information regarding the economic vitality of the City. (2-R-81) (4-R-83).

# OF MEMBERS: Nine: Nine (9) members, with a rotating Chair system.

QUALIFICATIONS: Five (5) members shall be Aldermen; one (1) member shall be a representative of the Plan Commission; one (1) member shall be a representative of the Zoning Board of Appeals; two (2) members shall be citizens-at-large.

TERM: Citizens-at-large, 3 years; Aldermen, 4 years (without limit).

MEETING DATE: 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.* (*NOTE: The meeting date may be altered due to holidays; please consult the official City Calendar to confirm meeting dates/times.)  Items submitted for consideration by the Economic Development Committee should be filed with the Economic Development Division Staff no later than two weeks prior to the meeting date.

PLACE: James C. Lytle City Council Chambers

REPORTS TO: City Council                                                                                       

 Ald. Ann Rainey, Chair  
 Ald. Melissa Wynne
Ald. Donald Wilson
 Ald. Peter Braithwaite  
Ald. Robin Rue Simmons  
Terri Dubin, Liaison, Plan Commission 11/28/2019*
Mary Beth Berns, Liaison, Zoning Board of Appeals 04/28/2019*
 Hecky Powell, Member-At-Large  08/31/2018
Jeannemarie Sierant, Member-At-Large 10/17/2019*

*2nd Term

STAFF:  Paul Zalmezak, City Manager's Office
               Economic Development Division Manager
               Email Staff

Date Agenda Minutes Packet Video  Presentations
 1/31/2018 Agenda     Packet  Video  
 11/29/2017 Cancelled        
 10/25/2017 Agenda   Minutes Packet  Video    Video  
 9/27/2017  Cancelled        
 8/23/2017 Cancelled         
 7/26/2017   Cancelled    Packet    
 6/28/2017 Agenda   Minutes


Packet addendum 4B


 5/24/2017  Agenda  Minutes  Packet    
 4/26/2017  Agenda Minutes  Packet    
 3/22/2017  Cancelled        
2/22/2017  Agenda Minutes Packet  
1/25/2017 Agenda Minutes Packet  
11/16/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet  


9/28/2016 Cancelled  
8/24/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet  
7/27/2016 Cancelled  
6/22/2016 Agenda

Joint Agenda


Joint Packet

5/25/2016 Cancelled  
4/27/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet  
Packet Addendum Item 4D  
3/23/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet   Storefront Modernization Presentation
2/24/2016 Cancelled  
1/27/2016 Agenda Minutes Packet  
12/16/2015 Cancelled  
12/2/2015 Agenda Minutes Packet  
11/18/2015 Cancelled  
10/28/2015 Agenda Minutes Packet  

Sunshine Enterprises Presentation

Strawdog Theatre Presentation

9/2/2015 Agenda Minutes Packet  
7/22/2015 Cancelled  
7/7/2015 Agenda Minutes Packet   Smylie Brothers Presentation
6/24/2015 Cancelled  
5/27/15 Agenda Minutes Packet  

Accuity Presentation

SSA Chicago-Main-Dempster

Downtown Evanston presentation

NSCVB Presentation


Agenda Minutes Packet  

Central Street Parking Presentation

Sidewalk Cafe and Sidewalk Signs

Streetscape Improvements

3/25/15 Cancelled  
2/25/15 Agenda Minutes Packet  
1/28/15 Agenda Minutes Packet  

Valli Produce Presentation

ZS Associates Presentation

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