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Housing & Community Development Act Committee

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PURPOSE: The City Council establishes a Housing and Community Development Act Committee ("Committee") to act in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters relating to the use of federal Community Development Block Grant ("CDBG") funds to address the needs of Evanston's at-risk population. CDBG funds are to be used to develop viable urban communities, including decent housing and a suitable living environment, and expanding economic opportunities primarily for persons of low and moderate income. (Established by Council Action on 9/12/16; 103-O-16).

# OF MEMBERS: Nine (9) members who serve without compensation and are residents of the City of Evanston.

The Board is currently looking for new volunteers to serve on the Housing & Community Development Act Committee.

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QUALIFICATIONS: At least 5 Aldermen and 4 residents who reside in wards located within the CDBG Low/Moderate Income Target Area.

TERM: Committee members are appointed to three (3) year terms by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. Non-aldermanic members may serve for not more than two (2) full terms.

MEETING DATE: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 P.M.
PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center - Room 2402

REPORTS TO: City Council

Public Comment Guidelines

STAFF: Sarah Flax, Housing and Grants Administrator
                Staff Email

Date Agenda Minutes  Actions Packets Video/Presentations
 5/19/20  Canceled        
 4/21/20  Canceled        
 3/17/20 Canceled
 2/18/20  Canceled        
 1/21/20  Canceled        
 12/17/19  Agenda    Actions  Packet  Video
 12/11/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 12/4/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 11/21/19 Rescheduled         
11/19/19  Rescheduled         
 11/7/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet   Video
 10/15/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 9/17/19  Agenda Minutes     Packet

 Social Services Recommendations

Needs Assessment presentation

 8/20/19  Canceled        
 7/16/19  Canceled        
 6/18/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 5/21/19  Canceled        
 4/23/19  Agenda Minutes   Actions  Packet  
 4/16/19  Rescheduled        
 3/19/19  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 2/19/19  Canceled        
 1/15/19  Canceled        
 12/18/18  Canceled        
 12/10/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 12/3/18 Canceled        
 11/13/18  Canceled        
 10/9/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 10/2/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 9/27/18  Rescheduled        
 9/25/18 Agenda   Minutes  Actions Packet   Video
 9/6/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 8/21/18  Canceled        
 7/17/18  Canceled        
 6/19/18  Canceled         
 5/15/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 4/17/18  Canceled         
 3/20/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 2/20/18  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 1/16/18  Canceled        
12/19/17  Canceled        
 11/21/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  
 10/17/17  Agenda Minutes   Actions  Packet  
 9/26/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 9/19/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions Packet
 9/14/17  Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Packet  Video
 8/15/17 Canceled
 7/18/17  Canceled        
 6/27/17  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  
 5/16/17  Canceled        
 4/18/17 Canceled        
 3/21/17  Agenda  Minutes    Packet  
 2/21/17 Canceled         
 1/24/17  Canceled        
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Ald. Donald N. Wilson, Chair
 Ald. Melissa A. Wynne  
 Ald. Ann Rainey
Ald. Peter Braithwaite
Ald. Robin Rue Simmons
Glenn Mackey 7/13/21* 
Hugo Rodriguez 12/10/21
Donna Su 1/14/22

*2nd Term